Allen Circuit Court

Pierce – Christopher and Alison

Jones – Jessica and Nicolas

Muhammad – Alice and Robert

Cosper – Emily and Samantha Douglass

Sieger – Norman and Laurie Ann

Allen Superior Court

Madden – Michael A. and Lily

Blake – Anthony B. and Angela L.

Letner – Jessica Lynn and Alex Michael

Piersall – Bonnie Gale and Danny William

May – Amy N. and Eric S.

Ellsworth – Nicole E. and Matthew A.

Davidson – Brent and Annastacia

Farris – Waldo and Ashley

Miner – David L. and Nicole R.

Mirra – Eryn and Anthony J.

Cadwell-Myers – Teresa and Carl

Divorce filings, which include divorce and legal separations, are provided by the Allen County clerk's office. For questions about published listings, not the actual filing, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304, or email