The Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians’ strike will continue after another round of talks between management and the players ended Wednesday night without an agreement.

The bargaining session, the first of the new year, began at 1 p.m. and ended after five hours of negotiations. The talks followed two unsuccessful meetings last week, the latest in a string of sessions dating back to before the work stoppage began Dec. 8.

The last four of those sessions have been unproductive, Philharmonic management said in a statement.

Management said the union has “shown unwillingness to negotiate in good faith” and has filed charges of regressive bargaining against the union with the National Labor Relations Board.

Campbell MacDonald, chair of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Players’ Association, said in a statement that regressive bargaining charges were not discussed in negotiations Wednesday.

“Philharmonic management’s treatment of Musicians at the negotiating table speaks for itself, and this charge is meant to distract our community from their well-documented history,” MacDonald said. “We have met and made proposals in good faith throughout the course of this negotiation and have never engaged in regressive bargaining.”

The orchestra’s management has said it increased its wage proposal to a 42% raise over four years, a raise that would exceed the players’ pre-pandemic wages in the contract’s first year.

There will be a short turnaround before the next bargaining session. Campbell said the two sides will meet again today.

While the strike caused the cancellation of numerous Philharmonic concerts in December, the orchestra is still weeks away from its next show, which is scheduled for Jan. 28.

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