An Albion woman pleaded guilty Friday to all four felonies related to the death of her 3-month-old infant in a Fort Wayne hotel.

In exchange for the plea, Emily M. Tudor, 38, will receive a sentence of no more than nine years. That’s assuming Allen Superior Judge Fran Gull accepts the agreement at a sentencing hearing scheduled for Feb. 10. The charges against Tudor are one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury and three counts of neglect of a dependent, placing the dependent in danger.

Tudor is accused of causing the death after she fell asleep with her four children in the bed with her at the Quality Inn, 1734 W. Washington Center Road, said a probable cause affidavit written by Detective Luke MacDonald.

Just after midnight on July 10, 2021, Fort Wayne police responded to a medical call at the hotel and found Tudor in the hotel room crying and holding the lifeless infant.

A hotel employee told Fort Wayne police Detective Ben MacDonald that on July 9, 2021, someone contacted her about an unsupervised young child running around on the second floor wearing only a pull-up and knocking on doors.

The employee called Tudor’s room 10 to 15 times without an answer, then went to the room and knocked three to four times without an answer, court records said. The woman heard the television on, went inside and saw Tudor and two other children on the bed.

Tudor didn’t respond to shouts of “ma’am” and knocking on an inside door, so the employee shook her leg, court records said. She told police that when Tudor rolled over on the bed, the employee saw Tudor was partially lying on the 3-month-old.

The employee said Tudor appeared to be disoriented and was emotionless as she confirmed one of her children was missing, court records said.

Court documents were not clear whether the infant was alive at that time.

Tudor later told police that the baby was cold and might not have been breathing, and she knew something wasn’t right. But she went back to sleep because she was tired from sleeping in her van for a couple of nights.

At the time, Tudor was homeless, according to court records.

She also told police that she was addicted to methamphetamine but hadn’t used it since the early morning of July 9, 2021, and wasn’t high around her kids.

She later told police that she panicked when she woke up in the morning, held the 3-month-old, then called the child’s father. Tudor added that he was mean to her and said she killed their child, court records said.

Tudor next called her mother, who told her to get the child to a hospital, and Tudor called 911.

Phone records showed that Tudor had texted someone just before midnight July 10, 2021, with the message “She is definitely dead,” according to the probable cause affidavit. That person replied that he was coming to get all the drugs and paraphernalia she had and told her to call 911.

The Department of Child Services reported that Tudor admitted being on a three-day binge prior to the incident, court documents said. A drug screen done at the DCS showed Tudor was positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine.

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