didier conference

Fort Wayne City Councilman Tom Didier talks about his mayoral campaign Thursday. The city elections are in 2023.

Fort Wayne City Councilman Tom Didier shared his vision for the city if he’s elected mayor in 2023, a day after Mayor Tom Henry announced his campaign.

Didier said at a news conference today that he wants to focus on his goals rather than mudslinging.

“I do not want to make this contest a personality conflict because the people of Fort Wayne are tired of negative campaigns,” Didier said. “Instead, I will be offering up my vision for the city, engaging with people as I have for the past 20 years.”

Didier has represented the Third District on City Council since 2004 after he defeated Henry, who was an incumbent of 20 years. Henry was elected mayor in 2017.

Didier’s campaign slogan is “Fort Wayne First.”

“That means putting our people first -- the people who live here and the people we are encouraging to move here to grow our community,” he said.

City elections will be in 2023. Didier is the sole candidate vying for the Republican nomination. Henry became the only candidate seeking the Democratic nomination Wednesday.