A man accused of stabbing a pregnant woman almost 50 times rejected a plea agreement offered to him Thursday morning.

Brandon K. Williams, 42, shook his head at his defense attorney, public defender Marcia Linksy, when she tried to hand him the plea agreement he was offered. Instead of scheduling a sentencing hearing as planned, Allen Superior Court Magistrate Keirns took note that a trial is scheduled for early June.

Ahead of the hearing, Linksy could be heard from the gallery speaking to her client about the agreement after he refused to look at it.

“What do you think you can do that’s better than this?” she asked.

Because Williams did not accept the plea, information about the offer is not available.

Williams was initially charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery, two counts of domestic battery, strangulation and intimidation of a woman pregnant with his child in August. Two 911 calls July 31 led police to an apartment where they found Williams and the woman, both covered in blood.

The first call came from the woman’s cousin. A second call came from a downstairs neighbor who heard the couple arguing followed by the victim shouting for help.

Police entered the apartment when they heard the woman yelling for help, gasping and moaning, according to a probable cause affidavit written by Fort Wayne Officer Christopher McBride. The woman later told police Williams looked her in her eyes and whispered “you’re gonna die this time” as officers knocked on the door.

When police got inside, the affidavit said, they saw Williams with his arms and clothes covered in blood and the woman on the floor, rolling around and gasping for air.

She was unrecognizable, according to the report, due to the amount of blood and swelling. The woman pleaded with officers to save her.

“Tell everyone I love them,” the woman told police, saying she was going to die.

Police later found that the woman had been stabbed at least 48 times, suffered multiple fractures and was choked multiple times, causing her to having difficulties swallowing.

Williams will appear Friday for a pretrial conference ahead of his trial set to begin June 6.