Indiana has the country's third most conservative state legislature, a new study claims.

The Center for Legislative Accountability, organized by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Foundation and the American Conservative Union Foundation, released its annual analysis Tuesday.

The center examined votes from each state legislature — more than 265,000 individual votes on 3,500 different bills — during 2021. It then ranked each state legislature based on how frequently each body's lawmakers voted for the position the center deemed conservative.

Indiana came in third, with 73% of lawmakers' votes cast for conservative positions.

Most conservative legislatures:

1. Alabama

2. Tennessee

3. Indiana

4. South Dakota

5. Arkansas

Least conservative legislatures

1. Massachusetts

2. Hawaii

3. Rhode Island

4. California

5. Maryland

Statehouse and General Assignment Reporter

Brett Stover is a Reporter covering the Indiana Statehouse and general assignments for The Journal Gazette. A University of Missouri graduate, Stover has covered news in Indiana since 2021.