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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 1:00 am

Foster pavilion to be restored

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Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Friends of the Parks of Allen County plan to restore Foster Park Pavilion No. 3.

The historic stone pavilion in the Foster Park Oak Grove will be fully and accurately restored, according to a news release Tuesday from the parks department.

The project will include landscape improvements, a new paved trail connecting the pavilion with the Foster Park walking loop, bank clearing along the adjacent St. Marys River to increase visibility, and enhanced accessibility.

City officials did not immediately respond to how much the restoration might cost.

The original rustic-style pavilion was built in 1938.

“Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Friends of the Parks of Allen County recognize the historic significance of this beautiful open-air pavilion,” the news release said.

“We know that Foster Park, which is so loved and well used by the people of Fort Wayne, and especially the surrounding south-side neighborhoods, will benefit greatly from having a third pavilion returned to full usefulness,” said Ed Welling, president of Friends of the Parks of Allen County. “We especially look forward to the improved links to the Fort Wayne trails system and to the Waynedale neighborhoods to the west that this project makes possible.”

A “generous gift” from the Oldenkamp family has allowed Friends of the Parks of Allen County to be a significant partner in the restoration. The amount of the gift was not specified. 

Parks and Recreation Director Steve McDaniel acknowledged partnerships “are key to many of the successful projects we are able to complete for Fort Wayne citizens.”

A fundraising effort, with details expected to be announced later, will allow the public to also invest in the restoration project, the news release said.

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