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Sunday, June 16, 2019 1:00 am

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Disruption. The word keeps coming up in various circles, especially involving the workplace.

It typically refers to the dominance and evolution of technology, and how that is changing the way we live, learn, work, socialize, shop and receive health care.

We won't dwell on the word disruption, because it tends to have a negative connotation.

But our Focus sections on Retail and Industry this year are putting a spotlight on how technology is prompting change and innovation in nearly every facet of our lives.

Grocery shopping options and patterns are changing. Self-checkout lanes are increasing, and shoppers can scan their items before they reach the checkout line or place an order before they ever get to the store and pick it up in just minutes upon arrival.

Our cellphones are as high-tech as ever. There's an app for almost anything you can think of. If not, someone is probably creating one now. And the much-awaited 5G network that is designed to speed up data and still be reliable is rolling out in various markets, including the Midwest.

Farmers are using more gadgets to increase the precision and efficiency of operations and auto dealers are getting more savvy with sales strategy, including online interaction with potential customers.

One thing is for sure: the evolution isn't over.

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