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Sunday, June 30, 2019 1:00 am

Area residents appreciate how tech benefits them

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We talked with area residents about how technology has affected their lives. Here's an edited version of their responses:

“When I was in nursing school, my class was the last class to do our nursing test, the NCLEX, on paper and pencil. So everyone had to go down to Indianapolis and take it. Then after that, everyone else had to take it online.”

– Jeanette Troyer, 46, Harlan, New Haven High School nurse

“Technology has given me a new way to communicate with my family from my home country. Not only has it allowed my family to be able to message each other, but to video chat as well. Currently, I work at Super Shot. So we use CHIRP (Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program) to pull up our patients' shot records and we also use another website to check Medicaid eligibility. So everything is basically recorded onto those systems and looked up via computer and internet. It makes the process of intaking smoother. However, when the system does crash or experiences slowness, it is a big inconvenience that in turns slows down our process.”

– Kyi Naing, 18, Fort Wayne

“It's impacted my job (at Teaching Tree) because it helps kids better understand a topic and subject and gives them different points of view instead of someone actually teaching them. Technology can play a role in their lives to better help them succeed.”

– Joselyn Flores, 18, Fort Wayne

“As a working parent, technology helps with scheduling our busy family lives. With three children involved in many sports and activities, technology helps me stay organized and allows me the ability to do it all. Using technology helps me be able to contact teachers making communication so much easier. I am more connected to the school because I can access information online and know how they are doing with a click of a button.”

– Donald Gage, 40s, Fort Wayne

 – Compiled by Sherdell Baker for The Journal Gazette

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