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Saturday, October 05, 2019 1:00 am

UAW lists donors

List of donations provided by UAW Local 2209 as of Friday

Teamsters local 135

Rick Vitaoe

UAW Local 9

UAW Local 5

Andy's Knockout Chicken

Ironclad MC

CWA 4900 (beer, cheese trays)

Louis Burgess Jr. ($20 gift card)

Papa John's Bluffton Road (10 pizzas)

First Merchants Bank

Harlan Lions Club (13 cases cookies, 2 flats of bread)


USW Local 13029

Affordable wheels & tires

Taste of Philly

IUE-CWA Local 901 (BAE)

Shea & Angie Stinson (pulled pork, pickles, 12 8x10 tarps)

Jake Mosker (water, pop, ice, sunscreen, gift cards)

Colleen Singer (5 bags of apple)

Jim and Faye Johnson (paper plates, paper towels, silverware, water)

Karen Holmes (5 lbs. hot dogs, 2 bags of apples, buns)

Robert Valle (pulled pork & buns)

Kris Porter & Dawn Holder (baked beans, chips, tomatoes)

Yolander Humphrey (macaroni and cheese)

Pamela Ward (greens, pinto beans, baked spaghetti, cornbread)

Carol Dobbs (spaghetti & sauce)

John Henry (city council) (pizza)

UAW Local 1219, Lima, Ohio (chips, drinks, toilet paper, snacks, baby food, canned goods, toothpaste, peanut butter)

Tim Horton's

Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 166

Sharon Tucker

Misti Meehan (pizzas, baked ziti)

Buffalo Wild Wings

Allen County Democratic Party

Mayor Tom Henry

Huntington Chevrolet

Katie Zuber (pizzas)

McAlister's Deli

UAW Local 551

Paulina Archer

City Chevrolet

ISTA Teachers Union

UAW Local 685

UAW Local 1166

USW Local 105

Sola Salons

Rural King (10 cases of water)

Teamsters 414

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

Machinists union

NFLPA (National Football League Players Association)

Phyllis and Greg Drummond

UAW Local 3055 (pulled pork and buns)


Jennifer Dinet

Jags bar

Matt Ley Luggs

Jana Dowler (cakes/brownies)

TCB games (Todd Nightenhelser)

Jimmy Pops

The Pickle

Tara Black and Nelson Rodriguez (chicken alfredo and salad)

Susie Dirdim (Mexican)

Veronica Ringel (vanilla almond cake with raisins)

Bill Anderson (lasagna)

Marcus Elam with State Farm Insurance (tons of cookies)

Leah Pursley (doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts, scrambled eggs, pancakes)

Allison Norris (Stromboli's, 5 containers of cookies, 10 bags of chips, 2 boxes of doughnuts)

Michael Mcpeak (Gatorade, chips, water)

Dunkin' Donuts (doughnuts)

Chrissy Mangrum (4 peach cobblers)

Dan Mirelez (500 plastic forks, 3 12-packs of pop)

Belva Parkinson (green beans)

Shonda Skipper (spaghetti and breadsticks)

Tammy and Steve Simoe (soap bars)

Local 1363 Brotherhood of Maintenance and Way - International Brotherhood Teamesters (wood, water, coffee, filters)

Connie Smith (Italian casserole, hash brown casserole, sandwich tomatoes)

Joshua Mote (hamburger, canned goods, bananas)

Brittni Mantock (candles, pops)

Shelli Blue (kid's snacks)

Tabitha Gray (Mancino's, fruit tray and bag of apples, bananas, oranges)

Jane Schurz (sandwiches, pop, chips, cookies)

Marsha Lindley (chips, water, and granola bars)

Tom Howe Sr. (hotdogs and buns)

Kristine Dilts and Dale Stutz (chicken, macaroni salad, can of fruit cocktail)

Ashley Nagel (cookies, buckeyes, popcorn, peanuts)

Lori Wells (gumbo, 2 dozen biscuits)

Mark Roben (hamburger, hot dogs, chips, buns)

Riley Dunn (4 packs of water and 5 bags of chips)

Phil Ratkos (ground beef, onion, oven bags, hot chocolate)

McClure's Market and Bulk Foods (fresh produce)

China Wok - Ossian

Angie Sharp (cake, quiche)

Richard Strick for Mayor

Club 44

Jennifer Rockwell (macaroni & cheese, roaster)

Chris Waldo (buns, snack bars)

Brian Ota Local 901 (chips, snacks)

Gary McAuley Local 901 (chips, snacks)

Jeff Shinn (burgers, hot dogs, hot dog buns)

Paul and Ann Starky

Marisa and Quintin Reust and Amanda Knipp (dessert crossiants, oatmeal balls, cookies with glaze)

Neighborhood Smokehouse/Big Lacy's BBQ

Hideout 125 (sandwiches, bagels, tortilla chips, scones)

Ann and Paul Starkey (pot of turkey and noodles, pot of ham, and bean soup, fresh produce)

Cafe Valley Bakery (Mary Duncan) (7up cakes 20 cakes)

Taylor Vanover (sugar cookies, sodas)

Lennox's Legacy Rescue (Doughnuts)

Doug Keele (roasted potatoes 15 lbs.)

Lisa Skecton (pork loin)

Joseph Parsons (chips, snacks)

Joel Gumble (sausage gravy and biscuits, fruit, pickles, veggie trays, dip)

Janet Fansler (pulled pork, barbecue chicken, pork chops, baked beans, veggies, ranch dressing, buns, hog roaster, cookies)

Jellis Family

Megan Ballard's mom

David Mould (pop, fruit, snacks)

Tony and Deb Lambert (pumpkin bread, spice cake, brownies)

Corvette club

Angie Sharp

Eric Gullickson

Unique Day Spa (Kristie Jay)

Paul and Ann Starkey

Tom Kelley

Carpenters Local 232


Reflection in Glass

American Legion Post 148

Three Rivers Federal Credit Union

Smart Style

Darlington Holiday Warehouse

John Zody

Indiana Democratic Party

Natalie and Rodney Skaggs (2 veggie trays, Cheez-its, trail mix, string cheese, oranges)

Amanda Robertson (Gatorade, punches for kids)

Denien Teal (cookies, cupcakes)

Tim Jones (pasta salad and hot dogs)

Crissy Crabtree (scrambled eggs, Donuts)

Shonda Skipper

Pat Sainsbury (cookies, bread, grape tomatoes, zucchini bread)

Mark and Bonnie Livingston (16 cases of pop)

Frank and Nancy Hudson (scalloped potatoes with ham, fruit, egg salad, deviled eggs, cookies, 3 pans spaghetti, 2 pans fettuccini alfredo, salad breadsticks)

Cody Stewart's mother (sausage, potatoes, green beans, corn bread, cookies)

Leaf and Maria Vanover

Jim and Teresa Quaranto (spaghetti, fried chicken, 2 veggie trays)

Dawn Holder and Kris Porter (chicken noodles and mashed potatoes)

APWU Local 286 (Kroger gift cards)

Jane and Scott Hughes (13.5 dozen eggs)

UAW Local 164

Jayson Spaulding (pan of pulled pork)

Christy Sierra (baked spaghetti)

Quinto and Bonnie Sbragia (plates, bowls, forks)

Jane and Scott Hughes

Kroger (Illinois Road) ($25 gift card)

The Sbragias (tomatoes)

Tina and Ed Riddick (breakfast)

Rober Maag

Local 2075 - Mo Shelby

Tempettes Rushing (strawberry and lemon cake)

Linda and Tammy Printz (pasta salad, 2 cakes and brownies)

Amanda Knipp (chocolate chip cookies, soda, 10 boxes of spaghetti, dessert crossiant)

Terrie Sutton (banana split muffins)

Shayla Lee and Loren Brown (veggie soup & soda)

Mindy and Todd Holloway (muffins)

Kristy Homan (ham and vegetable soup)

Greg Husk (paper supplies and water)

Beverly Peaboby (Cupcakes)

Bobby Midkiff (12 lbs. Ground Beef, 2 Beef Liver, Soup Bones, Beef Heart, 2 dozen doughnuts, chocolate pieces, peanut butter pieces)

Alan Ayers

Bob Bedwell and family (lots of cookies and Napkins)

Alexis and Dave Rumrill

Century 21

Gary Nyborg (cold cuts, cheese)

Pikes Pub (Kelly & Norma) (Wings & Pizza)

Pizza Hut West State (14 pizzas for the gates)

Laura and Dan Gregory (kcups)

Karen Goodwin and Joyce Line (Lasagna and Texas Sheet Cake)

Mary Anne (Nesca Roaster)

Abbey Robertson (Breakfast Casseroles, Chocolate Cherry, Boxes Flavored Ice)

Tim Smith (water, chips, pop)

Wendy ABT (chicken bake)

Phoebe and Mander Compton (water, pop, & little bags of chips)

Churubusco - Sav U More

Debbie Weedman (pop)

Tammy Gerber (meat)

Jason Moore (doughnuts)

Tammy Kunzweiler (diapers all sizes, 6 cases of wipes)

Kyle Kellogg (Pulled pork)

La Fogata

Erin Collins and Zuri (chicken and stuffing)

Dale Johnson (ribs, bbq chicken, macaroni and cheese)

Bob Evan's Coventry

Tim Wilcox (pork steaks, cheddar brats, hamburgers)

Dave Rodriguez (pop, juice, candy, chips, snacks)

Sarah Bell (20 packs cheese slices, 100 pieces fresh fruit, 9 boxes of chips)

Brent Hughes

LJ Blackmon (cupcakes)

Mike Biddlecome USW Local 715 BF Goodrich (water, Gatorade)

Donna Chaney (Food for the food bank)

Deb Olson (cookies)

Joe Sphar (gas for shuttle)

Pastor Joann Schedlin and family (doughnuts)

Frank and Nancy Hudson (Chips, 12 4-packs of mountain dew and coke)

Cinde Mustaine (2 bags bags of ice)

John Thomson (retired) (3 large cases of water and snacks)

Firewood donations for burn barrels

Blain Templin

Cory Sargent

Chris Brandt and Jerrold Nichols

Trevor Gallaway

Zakry Lamb

David Landrum

Kyle William Weber

Brandy Ort

Morgan Rapp

Austin AJ Dobbs

Brandon Dobbs

Manuel Anzaldua

Dave Rumrill

Bill Ciammaichella

Michael Tucker

Joel Picklesimer

Lola Grothaus

Joe Altier

Jordan Cox

Jesse Mitchel

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