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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 1:00 am

COVID-19 effects linger longer than virus

SHERRY SLATER | The Journal Gazette

You don't bounce back from COVID-19 like nothing happened.

At least, that's my husband's experience.

He was sick and off work for 3 weeks. After he had three consecutive good days -- New Year's Day and the weekend that followed, we felt confident that he was ready to return to his desk job.

My husband did start back that Monday, but he quickly realized his energy wasn't up to its usual level.

Luckily, his supervisors allowed him to work shorter shifts during his first week back. Even then, he opted to take Friday off to recuperate from those first four days.

After that, we'll have to see how much he can handle.

I don't anticipate that he will end up being a coronavirus long-hauler, one of those people who feel after affects for months even after testing negative for the virus, but I guess it's possible.

We're trying to stay positive right now as he slowly regains his strength.

I know he's frustrated from feeling so fatigued, but his body has been through so much. Recovery will be one step at a time.

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