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Tuesday, November 16, 2021 1:00 am

Paving projects for 2022 outlined

$38.5 million for streets, alleys, trails, sidewalks

DEVAN FILCHAK | The Journal Gazette

Mayor Tom Henry's administration has released a preliminary list of $38.5 million in neighborhood infrastructure improvements for 2022.

The list of planned projects was submitted to Fort Wayne City Council on Monday before publicly released. The city announced the record-breaking $38.5 million investment in September, and City Council approved the city's budget in October.

The list features projects all over the city with $29.1 million in street, road and bridge projects, $6 million for sidewalks and alleys and $3.4 million for trails.

“Investing in neighborhoods continues to be a top priority. It's critical that we make improvements that will have a lasting impact,” said Shan Gunawardena, director of the city's Public Works Division. “We look forward to working with City Council and our neighborhoods as we develop plans that will position Fort Wayne for growth and success.”

The projects include concrete street repairs in seven neighborhoods – Arlington Park in the northeast quadrant; Pine Valley and Miller Ridge, northwest; Winterfield Community and Fairfield Terrace/Belmont, southwest; and Pettit-Rudisill and Rudisill-Plaza, southeast.

Arterial concrete street rehabilitation projects include East State Boulevard from Reed Road to Maplecrest Road, Main Street from Maiden Lane to Harrison Street, and St. Joe Center Road from the St. Joseph River Bridge to 700 feet west of Martin Luther Drive with asphalt overlay.

The city has planned the following sidewalk projects: Reed from Trier Road to Stellhorn Road, Goeglin Road from Maysville Road to Stellhorn, Wheelock Road from Rothman Road to Treasure Cove, Trier from Hobson Road to Reed, Wallen Road in the area of Coldwater, North Wells Street from Lillian Avenue to Franke Park Drive.

Planned major trail projects are Covington Road from Hadley Road to Getz, the Hanna Street trail from Rudisill to Decatur Road, and Summit Park Trail along Ludwig from Fishing Line Trail to Lima Road.

Public Works also plans to do about 40 centerline miles of asphalt resurfacing, 8 miles of chip and seal replacement, and 3 miles of asphalt overlay of chip and seal streets, but the locations have not been determined.

The list also includes 23 projects in the study, design and land acquisition phase; 16 concrete alley replacements; eight traffic projects; four brick alley projects; and five bridge projects. A full list of projects can be found at

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