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  • Cathie Rowand | The Journal Gazette Signage is being posted along the Maumee stating at the Columbia Street bridge to warn people about the Hosey Dam.

  • Courtesy: City of Fort Wayne

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:11 pm

City installs warning signs near dams

The Journal Gazette

Warning signs and buoys have been installed along two local rivers promoting awareness of the danger of small dams, the city of Fort Wayne said today.

The more than 30 signs will be placed in the water, on the riverbanks and on the bridges near the St. Joseph dam, the Hosey Street dam and the Leo-Cedarville dam, warning of the dangers and strong currents that are created downstream of the dams, the city said in a statement.

The idea for the signs came from a committee called The Pelorus Project, formed last year after the death of Sean Hiebel.

Hiebel had been kayaking on the Maumee River with friends when his kayak capsized after going over the Hosey Dam. He was able to pull one of his friends to safety, but was not able to save himself.

Hiebel's friends and family wanted to encourage and promote initiatives to make the rivers a safer place for recreation, the statement said.

The warning signs are not required by law, the City said, but the Fort Wayne area is the first community in Indiana to install them to promote safety on the rivers.

The Pelorus Project also created maps at river access points pointing out the dangers of boating and fishing along the rivers.

For more information about the Pelorus Project, go to