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Thursday, December 10, 2015 2:16 pm

Local man donates land to Huntington nature preserve

Frank Gray|The Journal Gazette

A Huntington man has donated 6.9 acres that adjoins another nature preserve to Acres Trust, a donation that will add to the existing preserve's biodiversity, the non-profit said.

The donated land is owned by Phillip Smith, a 1968 wildlife management graduate of Purdue University. His donation overlooks two waterfalls and includes a creek with an exposed bedrock bottom. It will complete the protection of an escarpment zone, which includes an area from the top of a bluff to the banks of the Wabash River.

Smith said he loves the property but didn't want just one or two people to enjoy it.

The nature preserve that it is connected to is the Tel-Hy nature preserve, 39.4 acres donated to ACRES in the 1990s. Tel-Hy is Hebrew for high life. That land was owned by Hy and Lorraine Goldenberg, who were friends of Smith.

ACRES is not announcing the exact location of Smith's donation because it will not immediately be open to the public. It will be a living trust and will continue to be Smith's as long as he is alive.

"It sounds small," said Lettie Haver, outreach manager for ACRES, "but when yo add it on, you're really building ecosystems."


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