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Wednesday, March 09, 2016 1:23 pm

New report details Ensley police encounter

Dave Gong | The Journal Gazette

A police report filed shortly before Tuesday's Fort Wayne City Council meeting provides some detail into the events surrounding Councilman Paul Ensley's encounter with a Fort Wayne police officer early Monday morning. 

In that report, Ensley tells a Fort Wayne Police sergeant that his girlfriend, Anne Marie Nelson, whom Ensley describes as an alcoholic, became violent when confronted about her drinking. Ensley says she attacked him, broke his glasses, threw a space heater at his head, ran outside the home and had a passerby call the police. 

Ensley's and Nelson's names are redacted in the report provided by the Fort Wayne Police Department to The Journal Gazette in response to a request that included Ensley's name. The latest report also references the incident number from a report filed by Fort Wayne Police Officer Robert G. Abels regarding the March 7 incident. 

In his statement, Ensley says Nelson, who he started dating in late 2015, arrived at a two-story farmhouse on St. Joe Center Road highly intoxicated Sunday night. Ensley said he recently purchased the home, owned by State Rep. Bob Morris, for whom Ensley also works as controller for HealthKick Nutrition Center. Abels' report states that the house was devoid of furniture except for a mattress and a dresser. 

When confronted about her drinking, Ensley told police, Nelson became angry and threatened to leave the house. Ensley said he took her keys to prevent her from leaving and driving drunk. That's when Ensley said Nelson attacked him. The report states Ensley removed his tie and revealed scratch marks on both sides of his neck. The sergeant also observed scratches around Ensley's left eye and older injuries on Ensley's forearms and the back of his left hand. 

Ensley also told police that he had called Nelson's parents in an effort to calm her down and take her home. However, Ensley said once they arrived, Nelson ran down the driveway screaming at cars for help. Abels arrived at the house shortly thereafter. 

Asked why he didn't talk to Abels at the time of the incident, Ensley said he thinks Nelson needs help and he does not want her to be arrested. However, Ensley did tell police he plans to seek a protective order against Nelson. 

Abels responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance at the home on St. Joe Center Road at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning. In his report, Abels states that Ensley initially refused to provide his name and threatened to call Public Safety Director Rusty York to have Abels fired. Ensley released his own audio recording late Tuesday of the incident taken on his cell phone. Ensley claims the recording contradicts Abels' statement that Ensley threatened his job.


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