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Tuesday, March 15, 2016 5:18 pm

Use of restricted police database by former deputy city clerk alleged

Dave Gong | The Journal Gazette

A new video released Friday by former parking enforcement supervisor Colin Keeney appears to show former Deputy City Clerk Angie Davis and her campaign treasurer using a restricted police database to look up contact information for potential political donors. 

The video — recorded, edited and captioned by Keeney — appears to show Davis and Patty Stahlhut, a supervisor in the clerk's office, using a program called Spillman to look up contact information for Darryl Esterline, president of the Fort Wayne sheet metal workers union. The purpose of the search appears related to efforts to solicit campaign donations for Davis' campaign. 

Davis and Stahlhut resigned suddenly Thursday afternoon. A statement from Mayor Tom Henry cited "inexcusable activities by some employees of the city clerk." It's not yet clear whether those actions are directly related to the activities contained in the video released Friday. 

The video of Davis and Stahlhut looking up personal information is one of two videos Keeney released Friday. The other video appears to show Davis leading a campaign-related meeting in the kitchenette inside the city clerk's office. Earlier this month Keeney released a video that appeared to show former city clerk Sandy Kennedy threatening employees' jobs if they did not contribute or participate in Davis' campaign.

Kennedy resigned from office Oct. 13.

City Council President John Crawford, R-at large, said he has seen the newest video. Crawford called for an investigation into the clerk's office when the allegations surrounding Kennedy first surfaced. Crawford also successfully proposed the City Council slash the clerk's 2016 budget by 75 percent. 

"In general, any use of city computers for campaign activity is totally inappropriate," Crawford said. "It goes far beyond the pale when you're using a secure police database to do that, which contains a lot of personal information."

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