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Thursday, February 08, 2018 1:00 am

Dansby's lawyers want face meeting

MATTHEW LEBLANC | The Journal Gazette

Lawyers for a Fort Wayne man facing the death penalty want to talk to their client face-to-face.

It's difficult to do that on the phone or through a plastic window at the Allen County Jail, they say.

Michelle Kraus and Robert Gevers have asked an Allen Superior Court judge to allow face-to-face meetings with Marcus Dansby, who is charged with killing four people – including his unborn child – in 2016.

“It is important that counsels are able to build a trusting relationship with Mr. Dansby,” court documents said. “The policies for the jail make it difficult to have meaningful consultation with a client when having to either use a recorded telephone line or having to shout through a plexi-glass window.”

Policies generally prohibit those types of meetings at the jail, though inmates are allowed to meet face-to-face with lawyers who have documents or videos to share with their clients on tablets or laptops.

Dave Butler, assistant jail commander, said attorneys have been allowed meetings with clients in a small room in a secure area at the jail near where inmates talk to visitors through windows.

Kraus and Gevers want to talk to Dansby in a conference room at the jail, court documents filed this week said.

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