The Journal Gazette
Friday, February 17, 2017 10:01 pm

Gas tax hike clears House

Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana House has approved a roads plan that would raise the gasoline tax by 10 cents and increase vehicle registration fees to fund improvements to the state’s infrastructure.

The plan has been a tricky sell for lawmakers in a state more accustomed to passing tax cuts than increases. Supporters argue funding is much needed and the plan responsibly addresses that need by asking those who use the roads to pay for improvements.

Democrats have criticized the tax increase, saying it would hurt average motorists. They also contend the bill would give the governor unchecked power to impose tolls on roads.

The measure passed 61-36, with seven Republicans joining the Democratic caucus in voting no, the Associated Press reported Thursday. An earlier amendment directs the entirety of the state’s sales tax on gas toward roads.

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