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Tuesday, March 28, 2017 7:07 am

Senate won't hear abortion reversal bill

Niki Kelly | The Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Senate will not hear a bill informing women they might be able to reverse a medication-induced abortion.

But lawmakers could add the controversial language to a separate abortion bill.

House Bill 1128 barely passed that chamber by a vote of 54-41. It would require abortion providers to tell women about a procedure that might be able to stop a chemical abortion but acknowledges there is no scientific evidence supporting the procedure.

A chemical abortion is a two-drug procedure that stops an embryo from implanting. Anecdotal evidence has shown that administering a hormone after the first drug can reverse its effects.

Some who voted against the bill said it forces doctors to give unproven medical information that could ultimately harm the woman and the fetus.

Sen. Rodric Bray, R-Martinsville, chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and said he has chosen not to hear the legislation.

He said he did look into concerns about the medical science but said that isn’t the reason he chose not to move forward.

"There were a handful of things we needed to hear," Bray said. "We just ran out of time."

The Senate’s committee deadline is Monday.

The House Public Policy Committee is hearing an abortion bill this morning that would give parents more rights when minors seek an abortion.

Rep. Ben Smaltz, R-Auburn, said that "it’s not my intention" to add the reversal language into Senate Bill 404.

But Rep. Peggy Mayfield, R-Martinsville, said she has prepared an amendment to insert at least some of the language in the other bill. She is an author or sponsor on both pieces of legislation and a member of the Public Policy Committee who can offer amendments.

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