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Saturday, February 15, 2020 1:00 am

Sewer odors close businesses in Payne

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

The Good Time Saloon and Puckerbrush Pizzeria in downtown Payne, Ohio, had to close temporarily this week because of a noxious smell coming from the sewers that caused employees to get headaches, officials said Friday. 

Edward Bohn, Paulding County emergency manager director, tracked the bad odor to the Mara Mart gas station on Main Street, although the cause of the odor was not flammable or a health hazard, the Paulding County Emergency Management Agency said. 

The odor was first noticed Monday, and by Wednesday village firefighters and the water/sewer department started opening up manholes on Main and Merrin streets to find the source, officials said. 

Gas meters did not detect flammable hydrogen sulfide or an oxygen deficiency, but authorities noticed a sheen on the water. 

It was determined that gasoline from the Mara Mart was getting into the sewer. The station's owner, C&Y Oil Company, hired an environmental cleanup company to address the situation. 

Officials said the drinking water was not contaminated, nor was the safety of residents compromised even though they complained of the bad odor which gave them headaches, officials said. 

There was no indication of how long the saloon and pizzeria were closed.

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