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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 7:50 pm

2 women bound, beaten

Jamie Duffy | The Journal Gazette

A Fort Wayne man has been accused of binding two women with cable and torturing them in his basement.

The torture stopped when one woman – who said her captor prostituted her against her will and supplied her with 3.5 grams of heroin a day to keep her hooked – was able to slip out of the bindings and flee as he went upstairs to take a break from the beatings, according to court documents.

Morgan K. Govan, 37, was arrested late Monday and faces charges of aggravated battery and three counts of criminal confinement and intimidation after allegedly throwing the two women down the basement of a home that served as his place of business, after he saw that things were missing from a storage locker. Court documents did not list an address for Govan’s home.

The women had traded the stolen items for drugs from another heroin dealer, one woman said.

On Monday, one woman said she had been clean from heroin about a week and a half when she agreed to meet Govan at the storage facility on Cook Road. She had the key to the storage unit and he had been asking her for it.

Govan allegedly became enraged when he noticed some items were missing. The woman told Govan she had lent the key to another woman whom Govan had allegedly prostituted in exchange for drugs.

The woman said Govan then commandeered her vehicle after he forced her in and, while driving to his home, punched her in the face so hard several times that she had no energy to do anything.

At Govan’s house, the other woman admitted to taking the items and promised to return them. That enraged Govan more, and he grabbed both women, with the help of another man, threw them into the basement, laid them face down and bound their arms behind their backs with cable.

The first woman said she was kicked in the head more than 100 times and then hit with a claw hammer on the back of her head and her back. Govan then allegedly told her he was going to kill both women, according to court documents.

The second woman said Govan stomped on their bodies and their heads for about 45 minutes. She said he would kick, hit and torture them for 15 minutes at a time and then would begin to sweat so much and tire himself out that he had to take a break, at which time he would go upstairs as though he was looking for someone.

She also said she tried to cover her face when Govan allegedly whipped them with a cord, and he once picked up a huge rock, which he had a hard time lifting, and dropped it on her back and leg.

During one of his trips upstairs, the second woman was able to slip out of her bindings, run to the back door, unlock it and run to the nearest house, where she saw people. She went inside and asked to use their phone.

Once Govan saw that the second woman was gone, he picked up the first woman and threw her out of the door, telling her that he couldn’t kill her now since the other woman had gone to the police. But he threatened that if she talked to the police, he would kill her whole family.

The first woman arrived at her grandmother’s home around 2:30 p.m. Her grandmother described her granddaughter as "extremely injured," according to court documents.

Both women were taken to a hospital. The second woman said that when she asked the first woman to escape with her, she replied that she was too weak to move. She had witnessed Govan bring the first woman into the house earlier that day. He was pulling her in by her hair and threw her to the floor on her face.

After his arrest, Govan refused to answer most questions. Police found heroin on him, according to court documents.

In November 2008, Govan was convicted of battery. He was sentenced to prison and released in 2014, according to the Indiana Department of Correction. He served a second term for a battery after being sentenced in May 2015 and was released in December of that year.

Govan is in the Allen County Jail. Bond was set at $225,000.

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