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Sunday, April 14, 2019 1:00 am

Athletic trainer accused of seducing teen

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

A 26-year-old Fort Wayne athletic trainer is accused of seducing a teenage boy here and in Grant County, according to court documents.

Cayla Morgan Pusey, of the 4400 block of Coventry Parkway, has a court hearing Tuesday.

Pusey was charged Friday with two counts of child seduction, one count as a child care worker in sexual intercourse or other sexual conduct with a child and the other count as a child care worker engaging in fondling or touching with a child 16-17 years old.

The contact took place starting in April 2017 in Grant County, when the student consulted Pusey on a sports injury, court documents said. Pusey worked as a sports trainer at Optimum Performance Sports and at the boy's school in Grant County.

Both Grant County and Fort Wayne detectives reviewed text messages between Pusey and the victim, including sex acts the two mutually planned on performing, court documents said. In one text, Pusey said the victim “should not grow up.”

The teen said he had spent the night at Pusey's residence five to 10 times and the pair exchanged nude photos.

Police believe the Fort Wayne sexual contact occurred between May 1 and May 12, 2018, court documents said.

Court documents said at one point, Pusey approached the boy's mother and asked to continue the relationship. The boy's mother told Pusey that the situation was unacceptable but, at the time, the mother was unaware the relationship was sexual.

The boy's mother told Pusey she would not report her as long as Pusey ended the relationship and all contact with her son and that Pusey requested to be transferred to a different assignment, court documents said.

After the mother discovered the relationship was sexual, she also discovered that her son had left a sweatshirt at Pusey's apartment.

On Sept. 26, a search of Pusey's apartment was conducted with a search warrant. The sweatshirt was found and a phone that had been activated around Sept. 14 on which no pertinent photos, texts or videos were discovered.

On Oct. 8, the boy was interviewed at the Fort Wayne Police Department and said he had sent Pusey nude photos of himself and that he knew she'd received them because she had commented on them.

Pusey's boss at Optimum Performance Sports said that when Pusey asked for a transfer, she mentioned her relationship with a student without giving details. Pusey told her boss that she'd met with the student outside of school hours and off the property.

After a warrant was issued for her arrest Friday, Pusey turned herself in to Fort Wayne authorities the same day. She paid a $12,500 bond and was released, according to jail authorities.

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