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Thursday, September 12, 2019 1:00 am

FWPD gives out recognition

Officers, civilians receive awards at annual ceremony

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

For Priscilla Guerrero, it was another human being who needed help when she came to the aid of Fort Wayne Detective Ricky Parrish at the Subway store where she worked. 

On July 17, while co-workers and customers stood by or tried to get away, Guerrero, who'd been preparing a sandwich for Parrish, picked up the detective's radio that had fallen out of his reach and held it out for him so he could radio back-up while he subdued a violent person. 

“I saw that he was struggling, trying to get the walkie-talkie,” said Guerrero, who was one of eight people to receive a citizen service award Wednesday at the Fort Wayne Police Department's annual awards ceremony.  

Accounts of quick detective work, humanitarian gestures and citizen heroism were some of the actions that merited recognition and honors that included awards of excellence, community service citations, letters of commendation, meritorious service citations and a distinguished service citation. 

Citilink bus driver Alfred Lee was another citizen hero recognized at the award ceremony. In January, he was driving his bus in the 1400 block of Wells Street when he noticed that a gun had fallen out of a man's clothing as an officer was trying to arrest him. 

Lee stopped his bus and ran to the officer's aid, moving the gun away from the man at the officer's request. 

“I believe in helping out my fellow men,” Lee said after the ceremony. Two of his uncles were police officers in St. Louis and his father was a security officer, he added. 

School resource officer Ben Young and officers Kylen Hill and Bryce Gerig saved young lives from suicide by their actions. Young knew the student who was threatening to kill himself and alerted the boy's parents and on-duty officers, but eventually found him on his own at Glenbrook Square. He took him home and made sure the teen took his medication. 

Hill and Gerig rescued a young woman sitting on the top of the Columbia Street bridge. As she was about to jump, they both grabbed hold of her and saved her. 

Chief Steve Reed also paid homage to Officer David Tinsley, who collapsed and died while trying to apprehend a suspect a year ago. 

“He was an outstanding officer and serviced his community well,” Reed said.

FWPD Awards

Award of Excellence

Sgts. Sam Adams, Mark Brooks, Joe Cutler, Shannon Hughes; Dets. Matt Foote, Randy Miller, Marc Deshaies, Andy Noll, Preonda Reese, Doug Gillespie, Chris Hawthorne, Dave Wilkins; officers Tyler Barrientes, Ben Bush (2), David Boles; Jon Bonar, Alvin Davis, Todd Hughes, Dustin Engelman, Anthony Maurer, Josh Franciscy (2), Eric Noga, Robert Geiger, Bryce Gerig, Kim Seiss, Keith Harris, Doug Weaver (3), Chris Hoffman (2), Matt Wilson

Community Service Citation

Sgts. Jon Cutler, Rod Bradtmueller, Chris Felton, Sofia Rosales-Scatena, Tim Hughes (2), Jim Seay (2), Michael Tapp, Eric Krull, Robert Theurer, Ben Messick; Capts. Juan Barrientes, Mitch Mckinney (2); Lts. Jon Bowers, Bernie Ebetino, Tim Selvia, Kevin Zelt; Dets. Phil Ealing, Jason Brown (2), Matt Crawford, Matt Newbauer (2), Cameron Norris, Josh Hartup (2), Anthony Smith, Brian Martin; officers James Arnold, Jason Crowder, Phil Bartrom, Mike Dowling, Mark Bieker, John Drummer, David Boles, Kaleb Eash, Dustin Engelman, Mark Brown, Chris Faherty, Treven Brown, Keirsh Cochran, Jeff Foust, Ron Coffelt, Andy Fry, Jason Fuhrman, Kyle Garritano; Bryce Gerig, Gary Griffith (2), Rich Page, Marty Grooms (2), Kelly Parnell (2), Matt Harmeyer (2), Nathan Riemer (2), Ric Robles, Michael Hickman, Matt Rowland, Todd Hughes, Steve Hus, Kim Seiss (2), Tyler Karns, Jill Kersten, Don Kidd, Luke Macdonald (2), Matt West, Scott Wilson, Lisa Woods, Greg Woods, Spencer Munger

Letter Of Commendation

Sgts. Boyce Ballinger, Shannon Hughes, Tim Hughes; Dets. Liza Anglin, Marc Deshaies, Matt Foote (2), Chris Hawthorne, Gavin Dambra, Geoff Norton, Dan Hutson, Anthony Shefferly, Don Lewis, Roy Sutphin, Jeff Marsee, Scott Tegtmeyer, Brian Martin (3), Dave Wilkins; officers Chrissy Armstead, Bryce Gerig, Matt Cline, Kylen Hill, Kim Seiss, Michelle Iden, Jason Snyder, George Nicklow, Ben Young

Meritorious Service Citation

Det. Lorna Russell; officers Tyler Barrientes, Ben Springer, Josh Franciscy, Trevor Waidelich, Kerry Haywood, Ben Young

Distinguished Service Citation

Det. Terry Holmes

Citizen Service Citation

Ed Berghoff, Alfred Lee, Sabastian Federspiel, Lynn Novitski, Priscilla Guerrero, Donyell Smith, Grace Holloway, Catrice Whitlow

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