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Wednesday, July 14, 2021 1:00 am

Fort Wayne man charged with shooting

Victim hit 6 times; court hearing today

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

A fight between two rivals put one man in a hospital with life-threatening gunshot wounds and the other locked up at Allen County Jail. 

Chase Tanksley, 21, of the 4400 block of Tamarack Drive, was charged Monday with aggravated battery where defendant knowingly inflicts injury creating a substantial risk of death, battery by means of a deadly weapon and battery resulting in serious bodily injury. 

About 8:30 p.m. May 2, Tanksley was visiting his ex-girlfriend at Woodbridge Apartments in the 5700 block of River Run Trail when a more recent boyfriend, Solomon Gonzalez, decided to make a surprise visit, court documents said. 

The girlfriend said Tanksley asked to come over to talk about a possible relationship and she asked him to bring cigarettes. They hung out in the rear of the apartment smoking when they heard a knock. Tanksley went outside while the girlfriend grabbed the rest of Gonzalez's belongings and put her child to bed. 

Then she heard seven shots. She told homicide Detective Luke MacDonald that after the shots, Tanksley ran inside and appeared “very distraught.” He was still holding his gun and didn't say a word before leaving out of the front door, court documents said.

She went outside in the rear of the apartment to find Gonzalez bleeding. She got some rags to help administer medical aid while calling 911, she said. 

Gonzalez was rushed to a hospital where he immediately went into surgery. Gonzalez was shot three times in the right side of his abdomen, twice in his back and once in the left arm, court documents said. 

While Tanksley maintained that Gonzalez appeared to pull a gun out of his right pants pocket while “running up on him,” Gonzalez told police he didn't know who shot him. 

Gonzalez said his visit was a surprise and he knocked a few times. Then he went around to the back where he knew the girlfriend liked to smoke. He said he was climbing over the balcony when he saw Tanksley, court documents said. Without exchanging words, Tanksley started shooting him, he said. 

Gonzalez claimed the two men hadn't been arguing on social media and that he only remembers Tanksley from middle school. 

Six hours before the shootings, Tanksley got into a text conversation with a witness. Tanksley said he needed “a body on his gun” and when the witness asked who, Tanksley responded with “Salo,” referring to Gonzalez. He further threatened Gonzalez in the text, ending with, “It's up with him (I don't care) I see him (I don't care) who he with, I'm sparking this bitch ... ,” in reference to his gun.  

Tanksley was being held at Allen County Jail in lieu of $70,000 bail.

He has a court hearing today.

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