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Thursday, March 23, 2017 10:16 pm

Accused killer father of dead fetus

Jamie Duffy | The Journal Gazette

A man who could face the death penalty in the deaths of three people and a nearly full-term fetus last fall is the unborn child’s father, his attorney said.

Nikos Nakos said this week he reviewed DNA tests conducted by the Indiana State Police that show Marcus Dansby, 21, was the father of the unborn child.

The discovery is contrary to what police were initially told, and Nakos said it shows his client is not guilty of four counts of murder because he would not have killed his own child.

"He always knew he was the father," Nakos said Thursday. "He was very confident that he was not going to be excluded as the father. There was no way in the world he would hurt his child, his child’s mother or her family."

In a Feb. 3 document filed in Allen Superior Court, Nakos suggests Fort Wayne police and prosecutors look elsewhere for a suspect. The document states that a snapshot of a posting on Facebook the morning of the killings "could lead the Fort Wayne Police Department and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to a different conclusion as to who committed the murders." The snapshot was sent to the prosecutor’s office, the document states.

The Facebook item was not posted by Dansby, Nakos said. He declined to say who posted it. 

Dajahiona Arrington, 18, along with her mother Consuela Arrington, 37, and her brother, Traeven Harris,18, were shot and stabbed to death the morning of Sept. 11 in a home at 3006 Holton Ave. A younger sister, Trinity Hairston, then 14, was stabbed and shot. She survived. Dajahiona Arrington, who died from a gunshot wound to her head, was 8½ months pregnant.

A witness told police Dansby hadn’t been to the house in six months since learning the baby Dajahiona Arrington was carrying was not his. Dansby and Dajahiona Arrington dated but had broken up when he learned she was carrying someone else’s child, the witness told police.

Dansby was charged with the murders of the three family members and the unborn child. He is also charged with the attempted murder of Trinity Hairston and using a gun in the killings. The prosecutor’s office is seeking the death penalty, and Dansby’s trial is set for Sept. 25.

Dansby was found at the home by police. An officer wrote Dansby "appeared out of nowhere, covered in blood and became hysterical."

Another police officer at the scene said that he heard Damion Arrington, Consuela Arrington’s brother, yelling at Dansby: "What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here." Damion Arrington was sleeping in the basement, woke up to the noise of the attack and called 911. He told police said he had not seen Dansby for about six months.

The police report said that when police tried to question Dansby at the Holton Avenue home, Dansby lay on his stomach on the porch, holding his hand and arms under his body near his waistband. Officers found a large knife with a broken handle in his right front pants pocket stained with blood.

When Dansby was taken to the police station, an officer reported that Dansby "was covered head to toe in blood." A gun was recovered later that day hidden under the wall of the porch. It had a bloody smeared handprint on it. Dansby also had Consuela Arrington’s cellphone, the one she used to call 911. A call back from the police that morning went to voicemail, a police report said.

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