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  • Michelle Davies | The Journal Gazette Members of the New Haven-Adams Township Fire Department watch as a car is pulled from a pond on Hessen Cassel Road.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 5:31 pm

Passers-by rescue driver from car in pond

Jeff Wiehe | The Journal Gazette

It happened fast. 

Somehow, the driver of a Ford Taurus lost control of his car Wednesday afternoon as he rounded a little bend while driving north on Hessen Cassel Road and, in a split instant, plowed through a white picket fence before the vehicle landed in a private pond near the intersection of Maples Road. 

Luckily for that driver, passing motorists acted fast, too, helping him from the water and onto dry land. 

"I thought it was a scene from an action movie," said Adam Eisom, who was driving home from his job at General Motors around 4 p.m. when he saw the crash.

"You don’t experience this. You don’t expect something like a Jason Statham movie to break out in front of you." 

A group of people stopped as the man called for help from his car, which was beginning to go under the water.

Kenneth Muthleb, a co-worker of Eisom’s, said the man told everyone that he couldn’t swim and seemed panicked. So Muthleb coaxed him to sit on the edge of his car’s window frame until it sank enough to where he could stand on its roof. 

Another passer-by had a rope, so a group of those gathered then threw it to the man and pulled him to shore. 

"He acted more shocked than anything," said Zach Hess, an IPFW student on his way home from class. 

Medics took the man to Lutheran Hospital. His identity and condition were not available Wednesday night. Afterward, divers with the New Haven-Adams Township Fire Department got in the pond to look for the car and make sure no one else was inside. 

Allen County sheriff’s officers arrived at the scene and began interviewing witnesses. 

No details about what caused the man to veer the car off the road were available.