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Sunday, June 24, 2018 1:00 am

Readers share their IPFW memories

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We asked readers their thoughts about IPFW. Here's how they responded:

As a 40-year-old freshman commuter student at IPFW in 1997, I fell in love with learning all over again and fulfilled a promise to my younger self that I never dreamed I could have. I also enjoyed nearly 10 years of employment at IPFW Warsaw Center, never expecting that 20 years later some of my best friends are from my IPFW days, among them my now retired academic adviser. Ever grateful for all my professors!

Shelly Gilliland

My memories of IPFW go back to the fall of 1969 when I was working on my Master's Degree in Education. Instead of the "one room school house, it was the one building school facility. It made things obviously convenient, but you didn't have the campus feeling that students have today. To say that the school has progressed would be an understatement, but my educational experience was still rewarding and memorable.

Dick Shenfeld

My IPFW memories are chock full of exceptional professors and others who gave me a well rounded, liberal arts education – and a wealth of knowledge. Among them:

Julius Smulkstys, who taught political science in a rich, deliciously mysterious Lithuanian accent.

John Brennan, who beautifully critiqued my essay by commenting, “You scatter commas like the sower of seeds in the parable.”

Sylvia Bowman, distinguished lecturer in English, who called Rhett Butler literature's greatest male character.

John Ulmer, compassionate, dedicated counselor, who took his students' interests and future lives to heart as if they were his own.

Chuck Chapman

My memories of IPFW are of the one, original building, Kettler Hall. Shortly before I graduated, a few mobile trams were brought in to use as classrooms/offices.

My fondest memories are of singing in the University Singers under the direction of Doc Harper. He was a terrific and fun leader. We were the entertainment at several area events, meetings, conferences and celebrations.

We also had the famous “Dickens Dinner,” where we dressed in period costumes and wandered from table to table, singing carols and also giving a concert at the end of the meal. Such great memories and good friends!

Linda Truesdale Chapman

I began attending IPFW in January 2000. At the time, I did not know the school would have a major impact on my life. I juggled going to school part time and working full time over a decade until I finally received a degree.

I am thankful for all I learned at IPFW. I had great advisers and instructors. I was able to participate in IPFW's 50th Anniversary in 2014. The school is a legacy in Fort Wayne. Although I received an IU degree, I was fortunate to be educated under the ideals of Purdue University as well. Thank you IPFW for continuing to foster my love of learning.

De'Onte Brewer. Class of 2013

I went to IPFW twice, separated by 27 years. In 1980, after 18 months at Purdue, I transferred to what was then IUPU Fort Wayne. Life happened and I dropped out.

Then, in 2007, I went back for 13 months and completed my Spanish degree. A lot had changed in the interim.

The old buildings — Neff and Kettler — I recognized, but I got lost finding my way around the “new” campus.

I used the mastodon statue outside of the library to orient myself! The campus was prettier than I remembered — I walked around between classes admiring the landscaping. 

Lori Fiechter

2007 was the first year that IPFW had it own class ring. I considered myself an IPFW student, not an IU student (my degree) or PU worker (full-time secretary). I ordered an IPFW ring. During the ring ceremony, every student received an IU or PU ring. When it came to me, Chancellor Wartell was surprised to pass out an IPFW ring. I became the first student to receive an IPFW ring from Chancellor Wartell.

Linda D. Whitlock

I have taken several classes at IPFW over the years. I found it convenient and affordable to take classes there to help finish up my degree when I was living between Fort Wayne and Bloomington. I enjoyed some of the events and guest speakers they have had there.

It's important to note that the universities are being separated, not closed, and that people will still enjoy the services of them. I am glad that the universities did not change their name to Johnny Appleseed University as some people have suggested. Saying that one graduated from "Johnny Appleseed University" might single out a person for unintentional ridicule!

David Sowards

In the Fall of 1968, I began my college experience with the IU School of Dental Assisting Program. Every day, I proudly wore my white uniform, with hat, white hose and shoes. This Program launched a very shy girl, who had low self-esteem, into a very successful woman. I recently retired at age 67. Thank you to all of the Staff in this Program, who worked hard to develop me in so many more ways then just teaching me the basics.

Kathleen (Miller) Hardy

One of the highlights of my time here was being chosen to travel to Morocco in spring of 2017 with my International Business class, conducting focus groups at AUI University with DeBrand Fine Chocolates. It was my first time traveling to another country and was a life changing experience. My professor even summoned wild monkeys in the Cedar Forest by a shrill whistle, and the promise of food got them scampering out of the jungle. I fed a monkey in front of me while two furry little fellows tugged on my pant legs from behind.

Rachel Roberts, IPFW Class of 2018