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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 1:00 am

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Blue over an early retirement at Butler

Necessary as they are, each closure, each cancellation brings disappointment. In the midst of an ordeal like none we've known before, it was somehow fitting that one of the most plaintive cries of dismay in Indiana has been credited to a bulldog.

Not just any bulldog, of course, but Butler Blue III, beloved mascot of the Butler University Bulldogs, who is scheduled to retire at the end of this semester. Butler, of course, was one of the many Indiana schools that announced there will be no commencement ceremony this spring.

As the Indianapolis Star reported, Blue, sometimes known as Trip, wrote a note to the graduating class that was posted on social media.

“This is not how things were supposed to go for us,” he is reported to have written.

“We were supposed to be riding high these last few weeks of the semester and enjoying our final days on campus together

“I was so looking forward to graduating with all of you.”

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