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Saturday, January 09, 2021 1:00 am


Ignoble foursome

Hoosier leaders sided with rioters over nation

Just hours after a mob swarmed the U.S. Capitol, endangering life and property in their rage over President Donald Trump's election defeat, four members of the Indiana congressional delegation cast their lot with the rioters and the president who incited them.

House Republican Reps. Jim Banks, Jackie Walorski and Jim Baird voted against Arizona and Pennsylvania's electoral votes. Rep. Greg Pence, a brother of Vice President Mike Pence, split his votes, supporting only the Pennsylvania results. In the Senate, Republican Mike Braun reconsidered his ill-advised course and pulled his objection to Joe Biden's Electoral College votes.

Banks tweeted Friday morning that he looks forward on Jan. 20 “to witnessing in person the peaceful transfer of power that makes America unique.”

But the northeast Indiana representative did nothing to promote that peaceful transfer. On Wednesday morning he joined Trump in encouraging efforts to impede it, tweeting: “I'm writing this from Capitol Hill to say I am looking forward to welcoming the thousands – maybe millions? – of supporters of Donald Trump here in Washington over the next 24-48 hours! The crowd coming is a powerful message to politicians in DC that things can't go back to 'normal' or business as usual.”

Banks' call for disruption shouldn't be overlooked. His vote of solidarity with the disrupters should not be overlooked. Nor should his broken oath of loyalty to our nation.

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