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Saturday, October 23, 2021 1:00 am

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Subjective surveys remain in fashion

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Fort Wayne residents have been labeled obese and unhealthy by national surveys; now we learn we're also unfashionable. 

Finder, one of the many financial services websites generating surveys to draw attention to itself, compiled a list of the most fashionable and least fashionable U.S. cities. 

New York City finished as the most fashionable; Wichita, Kansas, as the least fashionable. Fort Wayne is the eighth least fashionable city in the nation, according to the survey.

The rankings rely on rather subjective data. Finder counted “the number of fashion-related establishments” in each city and the number of “luxury fashion stores” as defined by a rating of  “$$$$” on the consumer site Yelp.

Survey creators also determined the top fashion items of 2020 and picked two items from each of four categories:  “red suit,” “black jeans,” “gloves,” “stockings,” “silver chain,” “earrings,” “sneakers” and “slippers.” For each fashion item, the survey measured Google Trends data in each metro area and averaged the search interest across each fashion item.

Don't count on a shopping trip to Indianapolis to update your look.

The Circle City is the 13th least fashionable city. 

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