The following works of philosophy are newly available through the Allen County Public Library.

“Nasty, Brutish, and Short: Adventures in Philosophy with My Kids”

by Scott Hershovitz

 A philosophy and law professor at the University of Michigan mixes wit and wisdom in this philosophical tour that uses conversations with his two young sons to demonstrate that “anyone can do philosophy and every kid does.”

“What We Owe the Future”

by William MacAskill

 An Oxford philosopher makes the case for “longtermism” – that positively influencing the long-term future is a key moral priority of our time.

“If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal: What Animal Intelligence Reveals About Human Stupidity”

by Justin Gregg

 This funny and counterintuitive book reveals how human intelligence may actually be more of a liability than a gift – and how the animal kingdom, in all its diversity, gets by just fine without it.

“Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life”

by Clare Mac Cumhaill

 A vibrant portrait of four college friends – Iris Murdoch, Philippa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe and Mary Midgley – who formed a new philosophical tradition while Oxford’s men were away at war.

“The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, a Philosophy, a Warning”

by Justin E.H. Smith

 An original deep history of the internet that tells the story of the centuries-old utopian dreams behind it – and explains why they have died today.

“Is Remote Warfare Moral?: Weighing Issues of Life and Death from 7,000 Miles”

by Joseph O. Chapa

An author with unique credentials of moral philosopher, Predator pilot, and Air Force officer probes the burning issue of remote warfare: Is it the right thing to do and, if so, why?