These books on motherhood are newly available through the Allen County Public Library.

“This Boy We Made: A Memoir of Motherhood, Genetics, and Facing the Unknown” by Taylor Harris

In this moving examination of the bond between mother and child, the author, a Black mother, questions everything she thought she believed about science and medicine, about motherhood and about her faith as she searches for the cause of her son's illness.

“Idiots: Marriage, Motherhood, Milk & Mistakes” by Laura Clery

An actress, influencer and comedian on social media offers a humorous, relatable collection of essays about the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth and being a great mom while managing a career, a marriage and sobriety.

“I'll Show Myself Out: Essays on Midlife and Motherhood” by Jessi Klein

The best-selling author and Emmy Award-winning writer and producer hilariously destroys the cultural myths and impossible expectations of modern-day motherhood and explores the humiliations, poignancies and possibilities of midlife.

“Arrival Stories: Women Share Their Experiences of Becoming Mothers” by Amy Schumer, Christy Turlington Burns

This collection of essays from first-time mothers features contributions from actors, athletes, academics, small-business owners, physicians and activists examining how they felt when they first realized they were a mother.

“Ambitious Like a Mother: Why Prioritizing Your Career Is Good for Your Kids” by Lara Bazelon

A law professional argues that women prioritizing their career benefits mothers, kids and society at large by showing how they can use their talents to help others and raise awareness about issues that are important to them.

“Forever Boy: A Mother's Memoir of Autism and Finding Joy” by Kate Swenson

The author of the popular blog, “Finding Cooper's Voice,” shares her inspiring story in this powerful memoir about motherhood and unconditional love.