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The 22-year-old social worker in a nursing home walks down the hall and sees a nurse’s aide harshly twist the arm of an uncooperative bed-bound senior. The elderly patient winces loudly in pain. The aide looks up and gives the social worker o…

The League of Women Voters Fort Wayne Area collaborates with volunteers from the Indiana and National Leagues to identify environmental policy priorities.

I remember a meeting with my first financial adviser several years ago; he told me the money I had in the Indiana Public Retirement System needed to be moved out. His perspective was that it did not give me enough control over my money and th…

I don’t remember when it first occurred to me after arriving in Washington, D.C., many years ago that at its heart, being a member of Congress meant never being entirely satisfied. And that this state of affairs is baked into our form of government.

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Our family, like many Hoosier and Buckeye families, has a wonderful December/January tradition: We write a one-page letter of the highlights of the closing year, combine that letter with family photos, and tuck it into a Christmas card and mail it to a circle of family members and friends.

People who start and run businesses in northeast Indiana are having a hard time finding the right support services and programs to help them get started, grow, or even survive. In many cases, they don’t even know such services exist.

As I approach the magical age of 40, I’m supposedly getting to the peak of my life (and then it’s all downhill from there). What I didn’t realize is what a rude awakening this would be for my newly aching body.

I was sitting at home watching a basketball game over the holiday break when my head perked up: I heard Roger Penske’s voice on the television. What was first idle curiosity grew when I realized he was narrating a minute-long ad for the IEDC …

If Indiana’s hospital prices were reduced to the national average, Hoosier families would save, on average, $2,500 every year. That is real money to Hoosiers in every community across this great state.