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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 1:00 am

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Avoid state's voter-registration trap

Election Day is eight weeks from Tuesday. That gives would-be voters plenty of time to tune in to their ballot choices and become informed about the big races and major issues confronting them.

However, if you're not yet registered to vote, or you need to make a change to your voter registration for some reason, Indiana has set a little trap for you.

For an individual to be eligible to vote on Nov. 5, he or she must be registered by the end of the business day on Oct. 7. That's a full month ahead of Election Day.

There was a time when a county needed that kind of time to process registrations and make sure voter rolls were ready and accurate when Election Day rolled around. Given dramatic advancements in technology, that's no longer necessary. Yet Indiana clings to that rule for no good reason.

Although many have tried to move Indiana into the 21st century, the dominant political establishment resists, especially when it comes to updating registration laws. Making the voter registration process easier and more accessible closer to Election Day is not on their agenda.

There's little hope for change any time soon, so making sure the voting public is aware of the early registration date is key.

– Tribune-Star,Terre Haute

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