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Saturday, January 15, 2022 1:00 am

The latest wrinkle

The cellphone life has its advantages

Did you know there is an app that can erase the wrinkles in your face?

I had no idea until my niece's son told me the great news. It was his birthday, and my husband and I had taken him out for lunch.

Showing my advanced sophistication, I told him to smile, and I took a selfie of us together, great-nephew and great-aunt, a selfie to commemorate him turning 15. When I looked at the photo, however, I cringed.

“Oh, I hate selfies! They show every wrinkle,” I moaned. With a huge smile, he said, “Don't worry, Aunt Nancy. I have an app that erases wrinkles.”

So there it was... the fountain of youth at last ... an app that erases wrinkles and he had one! Well, don't get excited because I quickly found out that it's a little more complicated than that.

You have to do more work to download the app then erase the wrinkles on the photo, just like professional photographers do nowadays, like movie stars' photographers have done for years.

It just erases the wrinkles on the photo, not on your face. Durn. What a letdown. If only life were like that, offering an app that erased imperfections.

When we see the younger generation with their faces buried in their cellphones, we watch them enter a world of make believe, a world of instant contact with others, a world of electronic games, magic gnomes, Marvel supermen, and triumph over ogres and giants. A world in which everyone knows what everyone else is doing instantly and simultaneously.

The young multitask constantly and never have to face one boring moment. Something is always happening in their cellphone lives. They all have an app that will erase wrinkles and provide entertainment. No wonder it is punishment when the parent threatens to take away the cellphone for the rest of the month. That parent is threatening to remove their child's power to erase wrinkles and escape instantly to the side of friends all over the world.

Life can now actually have background music by simply downloading music to a cellphone and plugging it into your ear, into your brain and erasing the world around you.

I'm guilty of that. My exercise-walking is much more fun while listening to “Staying Alive! Staying Alive!” and having John Travolta walk alongside of me in his great white suit at the YMCA walking track. Travolta loves to do laps with me.

However, I use moderation and don't keep it plugged into my head all day. Maybe if I did, it would erase my wrinkles. Hmmm, never thought of that before.

I know I've griped before about cellphones, but maybe I'm beginning to change my mind. I guess there is hope for me and my wrinkles.

Nancy Carlson Dodd is a Fort Wayne resident and writer.

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