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Monday, February 22, 2016 10:00 pm

Congress needs fiscal restraint

Liz Brown

While raising our seven kids, we often joked about how things were cheaper by the dozen. But a dozen doesn’t correlate to savings in the case of the national debt. America’s debt just hit $19 trillion. That’s "19" with a whopping 12 zeroes behind it. It’s hard to comprehend that level of insanity.

How did $19 trillion in debt become the new normal? 

Moderate, big-spending Republicans put us on this path with excessive spending in the ’00s and a constant willingness to up the debt limit. President Barack Obama and Washington liberals simply made things worse. For nearly eight years, Obama has seen the American people as a bottomless ATM. Obama took office with $10.6 trillion in debt, but he will leave office with $20 trillion in debt. 

The $4.1 trillion budget Obama just proposed would add to the debt in a big way. According to the White House’s own analysts, his budget would add nearly $10 trillion to the debt.

Hopefully, Congress will block much of Obama’s budget. But we’ve still seen a variety of his liberal policies funded over the years, from green energy and climate spending, to the bloated $800 billion "stimulus" package. Of course Obamacare has accrued its own enormous costs as well; this year subsidies ring in at nearly $39 billion and they will increase to $112 billion in just five years.

Investor’s Business Daily recently reported on the four fastest-growing spending areas under Obama. Medicaid spending increased 91 percent, food stamps and other nutrition initiatives are up 78 percent, Social Security spending has risen 61 percent and student aid spending has more than doubled at 55 percent. As spending increases, so does government dependency.

So what’s the solution to this spending problem? 

We need leaders in Washington who are willing to say, "Enough is enough." I am running for Congress because I’m willing to fight the spending spree that D.C. politicians are on with our money.

I will oppose the liberal policies that are running up our national debt. I will stand up to Washington special interests that continue to demand funding for their pet projects. There’s a reason I’m not the choice of Washington insiders.

I signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s "Reject the Debt" pledge. The pledge stipulates that I will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with a path to balance. This is a common-sense approach.

We’ve balanced our budget here in Indiana. We boast a robust economy, a AAA bond rating and have more than $2 billion in reserve. As your congresswoman, I will take Indiana’s model of fiscal conservatism to Washington and fight for all taxpayers.

Nineteen trillion in debt is no legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. We can correct the spending path we’re on before it’s too late. We can balance our budget, draw down the debt and give future generations an America with strong fiscal health. I humbly ask for your support for Congress so I can get to work fighting for you. 

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