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Saturday, August 21, 2021 1:00 am

Yet another world record? What a Rush!

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David Rush is persistent.

The Idaho man says he has broken more than 200 Guinness World Records, and his zany attempts are documented on his YouTube channel.

The latest? Successfully balancing 101 rolls of toilet paper on his head.

Rush said it was harder than perfecting his other balancing efforts because toilet paper rolls aren't rigid, United Press International reported.

A 5-minute video online shows several failures – Charmin was everywhere – before Rush succeeds in keeping the rolls aloft.

“What I love about this one is by seeing all the failures first, it really demonstrates the persistence and work you had to put in,” YouTube commenter joelnert wrote last week. “If you'd just shown the successful attempt I would have had no idea how much you had to overcome.”

Other records include balancing a chair on his chin and most passes – more than 300! – of a giant yellow ball with a friend.

“I perform and attempt Guinness World Records to inspire students and employees alike to set their goals high, have a growth mindset and have the grit to succeed,” Rush, an “author, speaker, entertainer and STEM advocate,” wrote in his online biography.

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