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Monday, August 23, 2021 1:00 am

Five questions for ...

Iseah Hurtado

PFW graduate, Marquette law student

EDITORIAL BOARD | The Journal Gazette

1 What's your family's history in Fort Wayne?

My family moved to Fort Wayne in January 1994 after spending a year in Chicago. I was born about eight months later and am the first person in my family to be born in Fort Wayne.


2 You are a former boxer. What kind of success did you have in the ring and why did you stop?

I experienced a moderate amount of success for an amateur boxer. I won a few fights including one in Golden Gloves. I quit when I began attending IPFW, where I earned my BA, mostly due to lack of time and a newfound interest in my education and my major, history. I still enjoy watching the sport with my dad and brother, but I am strictly a fan now.


3 You have degrees from Ivy Tech and Purdue Fort Wayne, and you are now headed to Marquette University Law School on a full scholarship. How did you become interested in a legal career and what do you hope to do with a law degree?

I think my interest in law stems from my mother's work as a social worker. She always put others before her, especially her clients, and that is something I want to try to emulate in the legal field.


4 You are a co-founder of Latino Democrats of Allen County. Why was it important for you to become involved in politics?

We founded the Latino Democrats because my siblings and I felt compelled to do something to combat the hateful rhetoric that came out of the 2016 election. We wanted to provide an outlet for those who maybe cannot vote or are silenced by the system and help build a foundation for Latinos to have a say in our politics.


5 What can Fort Wayne and Allen County do to help more young people succeed?

I think we need more resources to educate students and parents about the college application process, student loans and the countless scholarships available. I also think places like The Hispanic Leadership Coalition and Latinos Count could do more community events to let first-generation students know that college is an option for them.

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