Play’s cancellation created large, appreciative audience

We would like to thank the non-inclusive-minded parents of Northwest Allen County Schools. Because of your actions, we and 1,600-plus other enthusiastic people were treated to a delightful production of “Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood.”

Due to the cancellation of the play, we became curious, which led us to purchase tickets to the event. It was wonderful, and I know that we sat through the entire play with smiles on our faces.

Kudos to the cast and crew for a very professional, courageous and entertaining performance for all who attended. Taking on the challenges to produce and perform this play paid off. The lifelong lessons learned by these students are invaluable.

Ryland and Laura Taliaferro

Retired FWCS educators

Fort Wayne

Republicans’ political goals at root of debt ceiling crisis

As I write this, Democrats and Republicans appear to be far apart on raising the debt ceiling, creating the real possibility of the United States defaulting on its obligations and preventing the federal government from continuing to operate.

To be clear, this is not a situation dictated by any concern for the country or its citizens, but rather an effort by the Republicans to destroy the economy and thereby handicap Democrats in the 2024 election.

If the Republicans were serious about reining in spending, they have the ability to shut down the government this fall until Democrats agree to their spending cuts. Alternatively, they could agree to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans; arguably the biggest factor in the nation’s current debt situation has been the Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Trump tax cuts, which predominantly benefited business and the wealthiest Americans.

But Republicans do not care about the debt or deficits, which historically have been substantially less when the Democrats have controlled the White House. Republicans only care about making sure the country is in dire straits in November 2024. If the Democrats cave to Republican demands, millions of Americans will be worse off than they are today; state and local governments will have greater difficulty funding essential public services like police, education and infrastructure; and the federal deficits – and therefore the debt – will increase, because tax receipts will decrease. Republicans hope this will help them electorally in 2024.

If the Democrats do not go along with Republican demands and the nation defaults, millions of Americans will lose their jobs, Social Security recipients will not get their checks, the stock market will collapse, interest rates and inflation will skyrocket, the world will lose trust in the United States – and Republicans hope that in 2024, voters will punish the Democrats for presiding over the destruction of the country.

I realize there is a sizable group of Republican voters who think this end justifies the means, but I hope that a majority of Republicans are not ready to cut off their noses to spite their faces. As Great Britain discovered with Brexit, once a bad idea is implemented, there is no going back.

Terry Nilles

Fort Wayne

Self-service checkouts have their drawbacks

Target recently posted a loss in profits. Have they thought about the fact that not everyone loves self-service?

Recently I went to Target. There was one measly lane open. The rest were self-service, with only one employee standing by. I stood in line behind a woman who had a slew of groceries. It took about 20 minutes for me to get through the line.

These companies brag about how much they pay their employees. How many employees have they fired because of these self-service checkouts? They never tell you that. Walmart has done the same.

I remember the days when teenagers filled your gas tank. They washed your windshield and even checked your oil. Those were the good old days.

Mary Kay Matasky

Fort Wayne