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Saturday, July 22, 2017 1:00 am


Can't trust politicians

Can we trust our elected politicians? It seems as if they say one thing and soon after they change. According to the newspaper, the state is going to use transportation funding for other than they promised it would be used for.

It is like our politicians in Fort Wayne; they tax this and that and promise it will be used for special projects. And soon after they also change what it is used for. They raise taxes for all the county, and now we will see if this is all they need and it will be used only for what they say. I don't see how this will help us out in the county as Fort Wayne will get new sidewalks and a beautiful riverfront. Let us see how this works out.

Just like the food and beverage tax that was added years ago for the War Memorial Coliseum. Now it is freely used in many places. Just like they promised when the parking lot was paid for they would no longer charge to park there, but look what has happened. Another broken promise.

Ralph Klinker


CHEERS to the person who paid for our breakfast on our 68th anniversary at the Lunch Box Cafe on July 9. We were surprised, grateful and will always remember this kindness. It sure made our day.


Fort Wayne

Scrutiny welcome as school funds depleted

 I am writing to comment on the July 10 letter “JG's anti-voucher bias is getting tiresome” from Bill Dotterweich.

Dotterweich makes this comment at the end of his letter: “... the JG is just a mouthpiece of the teachers' union.”

Rather than a mouthpiece for any union, the JG is a strong supporter of Indiana's public schools. For this support, I am very grateful. While private schools are welcome and needed in our state, public schools, open to all, are the very cornerstone of our democracy. But public schools are being harmed by the school choice program, and the JG is making readers aware of this damage.

Between 2013 and 2016, Indiana's Education Fund has awarded $330,548,811 to private schools across the state through the school choice program or vouchers. In Allen County, during the same time period, $55,787,467 was given to 36 private (all parochial) schools.

This school choice money was diverted from the state's education pot. This is funding that should have gone to public schools if not for vouchers or school choice.

Indiana has the largest voucher expansion program in the country. While the program continues to grow, many of us, including editors at The Journal Gazette, want the public to understand the loss of funds to public schools. Perhaps we should step back and assess the school choice program. Do we want to continue on this path without careful analysis of what the program is doing to public education in Indiana?

Kathy Candioto

Fort Wayne

Hometown pride

I'd like to give praise to the Smith brothers, Jaylon and Rod. These local athletes who have made it to the NFL wanted to come home and give something back to Fort Wayne with a youth camp. The great picture of the smiling brothers, featured on the July 8 Sports page, was heartwarming.

Fort Wayne can be very proud of these young men.

Joan Davis

Fort Wayne

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