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Sunday, December 17, 2017 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Regulatory relief welcomed by banks

On Dec. 5, months of stalemate on Capitol Hill gave way to bold, bipartisan progress when the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs passed a regulatory relief package, called the “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act” (S. 2155). This package promises to bolster economic growth through common-sense provisions, including the rightsizing of rules that apply to community banks.

The Indiana Bankers Association would like to laud the efforts of Sen. Joe Donnelly, whose leadership within the Senate Banking Committee was key in gaining enough votes from both sides of the aisle to move the legislation out of committee. This strong bipartisan support was critical to the continuing success of this legislation.

The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act takes a welcome first step by rightsizing the regulatory burdens that disproportionately affect many financial institutions and, by extension, their customers. For too long, banks have been impeded in their ability to best serve their customers due to unnecessary and arbitrary regulatory burden. S. 2155 enables the banking industry in Indiana and throughout the nation to more effectively lend to and support the customers and communities they serve.

Other provisions of S. 2155 include consumer protections for veterans, senior citizens and victims of fraud. The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act has the best economic interests of consumers at heart by providing these protections along with the promise of economic growth.

Additionally, the legislation would designate mortgages held in portfolio as qualified mortgages for banks with less than $10 billion in assets; end stress tests for banks with less than $100 billion in assets; simplify capital calculations for community banks; provide relief from appraisal requirements for smaller mortgages; institute longer exam cycles for community banks; and provide charter flexibility for federal thrifts with less than $15 billion in assets.

The significance of the bipartisan support needed for advancement of this legislation cannot be overstated, as well as the pivotal role Donnelly took in winning consensus across party lines. The Indiana Bankers Association thanks Donnelly and the other forward-thinking legislators who took a stand to promote economic growth through regulatory relief.

Amber R. Van Til

President and CEO

Indiana Bankers Association

CHEERS to the person who paid for all three of our dinners at Casa's at 7 p.m. on Nov. 22.

We will definitely pay it forward!


Fort Wayne

CHEERS to the Rev. Christen Pettit-Miller for her Dec. 5 letter calling out President Donald Trump's exclusionary actions and self-aggrandizing tweets.


Fort Wayne

GOP must oppose 'creeping moral filth'

Kyle Hupfer should follow the lead of Nebraska Republican National Committeewoman Joyce Simmons in resigning in protest of the committee's financial support of Roy Moore. The Indiana GOP should stand up against supporting an accused child molester for any office, let alone United States Senator. All Hoosiers should stand in opposition to the creeping moral filth that is being excused in the name of politics. Stand up against child molestation.

Tyler Randall Sellhorn

Fort Wayne

CHEERS to the family in Huntington that year after year brings hot cocoa to me while I am ringing the Salvation Army bell. Their generosity truly warms my heart, especially on really cold days.

I don't know their names, but I will never forget their kindness.

Lori R. Reuille


CHEERS to the lady who paid for my lunch on Dec. 5 at Taco Bell on Dupont Road.

You are so kind, and I will pay it forward.

Jeanette M. Troutner

Fort Wayne 

Advocates for unborn need better from allies

This is in response to recent letters to the editor and protests at the homes and businesses of members of the Indiana General Assembly by Hoosiers for Life concerning pro-life issues.

Protests are not new and the public certainly has a right to let their feelings be known about issues in our state. However, for members of any group to call a representative “a liar” and a “pathetic excuse for a Christian” does not further the conversation or promote the issues of pro-life in a constructive way. No one, during a time of grieving for a family member, should be subjected to this type of language posted on a bereavement website as was Speaker Brian Bosma, a strong supporter of life. As chairman of the Public Policy Committee, Rep. Ben Smaltz has also been subjected to picketing at his home with attempts to do the same at his local church.

Representatives deal with many different topics and receive opinions from numerous people with differing views concerning pro-life issues. Not all bills and all problems are able to be heard in a given session of the General Assembly. Representatives are wise about the legal impact of bills and work to be careful in their decisions concerning life issues. As a former representative for nine years (District 33) and chairman of the Public Policy Committee, I know this is so.

I can also tell you I have worked closely with Speaker Bosma and can assure everyone he stands firmly in his faith and in protecting the life of the unborn. With a 100 percent pro-life voting record as a representative, and now a member of the board at Indiana Right to Life, I know Indiana is making great strides in protecting the lives of the unborn and will continue to do so through the legislative process. I would urge those who believe in Right to Life to support all those in the General Assembly who have worked tirelessly for many years for the unborn.

Bill Davis

Fort Wayne

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