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Saturday, January 06, 2018 1:00 am


New year, new realities

I began ringing in the new year, only to remember that in 2018, it is possible that millions of people will lose access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps.

President Donald Trump's budget released in 2017 proposed cutting almost 25 percent from funds normally allocated to SNAP. This is outrageous. In fact, a good portion of SNAP recipients are children. I understand that it's exciting to think about the new year and all the joy that it might bring, but I'm calling on all Hoosiers to think about those hard-working families who need that stipend at the end of the month to make ends meet.

I'm calling upon 3rd District Rep. Jim Banks, Sen. Joe Donnelly and Sen. Todd Young to reach across the political aisle and put aside their differences to protect anti-poverty programs that help millions of people every year.

Sarah Leone

Fort Wayne

So many things wrong with our government

Wake up, listen to various TV channels, and read magazines and newspapers. Why hasn't President Donald Trump wanted our country to find out how and why Russia hacked our fundamental democracy? Granted, Vladimir Putin dislikes Hillary Clinton, but wouldn't Trump want to know he won the presidency on his own merit.?

Many stick to their political affiliation like a religious stance. For me, if a candidate is far better qualified and suited for the particular job, then I vote across the party line for the better person for our country.

Betsy DeVos doesn't have any background or experience to be secretary of education. Her Michigan family wealth and donors got her the job. Shame on our representatives who voted for her. Her brother, Erik Prince, has gotten into government background projects, also.

Our environmental department is in shambles. They allow harmful sprays on our food supply. Plus, we are not part of the global climate agreement. France has given grants to U.S. students to study science in France. Our care of Puerto Rico is embarrassing.

Trump's atmosphere is full of name-calling, disrespect and making fun of others. He has made our country a laughingstock. What has he done for our country? First thing, he reversed President Barack Obama's position on purchasing guns; now mental patients are allowed to purchase guns.

Dig for the truth as Trump speaks and tweets. Nineteen Russians have been crossing paths of those in Trump's circle. That's not a coincidence.

Why not engineer a tax bill through Republicans and Democrats? There's some of each that could contribute.

Gloria Laird

Fort Wayne

Police need van squad

I would like to encourage the Allen County and Fort Wayne police to lease or purchase a few cargo vans so their officers can witness the driving behavior I see every day from my own van.

The average motorist can spot a police car, marked or unmarked, with ease. A van with ladders mounted on top never gets a second notice.

After a few thousand tickets are issued, the sight of any cargo van will cause school bus stop-sign runners and every driver who is sure he can beat the traffic signal to have second thoughts.

There are cargo vans everywhere; it is time to use their presence to enhance highway safety.

Larry Wheeler