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Friday, March 16, 2018 1:00 am


Parents must keep up pressure for public schools

As a parent, former teacher and guidance counselor, and current school board member, I was pleased to see so many parents engaged and involved in the recent reinstatement of honors classes in Fort Wayne Community Schools.

While we all may view this as a victory, we must remain vigilant because the attack on public education continues in Indiana.

We have seen public dollars educating more children under the guise of “school choice.” We have seen an attack on teachers by stripping them of their unions, evaluating them with students' test scores and keeping their incomes stagnant for an incomprehensible amount of time.

We have been comparing apples to oranges as the legislature and State Board of Education constantly change how we grade schools and which high-stakes tests we will use to do this.

We have seen poorly performing charter schools be forgiven their debts while many public schools are struggling to sustain financial stability due to budget cuts and tax caps.

Parents have seen the strength a committed, determined group of parents can have. They've seen the power of persuasion work in their favor.

I commend them for their efforts, but I encourage them to keep the momentum going by becoming more informed and more active.

Our public schools should be the pride of our communities and should continue to provide a strong, equal education to all students. It's time to start paying attention. It's time to put an end to the attack on public education.

Parents, you can do this! Continue your fight – not just for your children, but for all children so that they, too, can have equal access to a great public education.

Anne Duff

Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education


CHEERS to Northcrest Pizza Hut. Thanks to Karen, once again, for taking care of the gentlemen at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.

On Feb. 22 our kitchen was down for repairs and Northcrest Pizza Hut donated enough pizzas to feed the whole house.


Dispatch coordinator


Trump's parade would have teachable moments

There is criticism of President Donald Trump's military parade idea from the left and right. People believe it would be a waste of money.

Considering how much of life is zen, it might be a good thing.

We spend about $1 trillion a year on our military and war. What is $10 million or even $20 million if it helps people understand what we are doing?

Americans who listen to and watch corporate news (owned by weapon makers) are constantly told our military is underfunded. There might be a benefit to seeing how tax money is spent. Telling Americans that we have the most powerful (and expensive) military in the history of this planet doesn't seem to be working.

We might even get some fifth-generation fighter jets in the parade. They really aren't that big, and people should know what $160 million looks like.

I believe a military parade would be helpful to the gun control debate. One justification for private ownership of military-style assault weapons is that they may be needed to fight a tyrannical American government.

I would hope that seeing actual military weapons would make gun owners realize they are unlikely to defeat a determined American military with semiautomatic small arms.

A national military parade would also benefit the health care and social services debate. Americans could see why we can't afford single-payer health care, food, shelter, education, etc. for our citizens.

We could even have two parades, one for war and one for peace. We are staring into the abyss of destroying ourselves and life on this planet. Too few Americans are actively working for peace, but they definitely deserve a parade.


Fort Wayne for Peace

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