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Wednesday, September 05, 2018 1:00 am


Grateful nation says thank you to McCain

With deep sorrow on this somber Sunday in late August, we remember a great American and a gallant warrior, John McCain.

As a U.S. Navy fighter pilot, McCain was the gold standard for all of us Vietnam veterans who served our country in that war.

His brutal and horrendous treatment as a prisoner of war by the North Vietnamese in Hanoi is simply mind-blowing. To survive those terrible days of unending torture with courage and great dignity is a marvelous testament to that man.

As a U.S. senator, McCain was a respected statesman who worked tirelessly with both sides of the political aisle in an attempt to bring our country together.

A humble man who never complained about his physical ailments, who put his family and country first, will never die in the minds and hearts of a grateful nation.

Bob Crunk


Relaxing celibacy rule in church's interest

Judging from news coverage, some Catholic priests are first-class predators and pedophiles. Maybe it is time for the church hierarchy to drop the idea that the clergy has no sex drive. Forced celibacy hardly seems like something Jesus Christ would wish upon his family.

When a married Episcopal priest opts to switch to the Catholic Church, which I have been told is about a half step, he takes his wife with him. Perhaps it is time for the church to wake up and make forced celibacy a thing for individual choice, not a blanket edict. The logic, such as it is: Priests and nuns are married to Christ and do not have the time to have a family. Yet, they are expected to give counsel on family problems. Books of all kinds are available that explain how to do that, but nothing beats personal experience.

A recent pope declared that Protestants have no pathway to salvation, since we have no direct connection to St. Peter. The church's own history shows that there is no connection to him, either. If the celibacy order was in effect at Peter's time, he would have had no offspring. In the millennia since then, there were two centuries where the church was controlled by outside forces, also breaking the chain to St. Peter.

The hierarchy has to know that priests and nuns have normal feelings and desires, yet they continue to forbid marriage among the clergy and tell lay people they can't avoid having children, allowing only the rhythm method as a means of contraception.

The hierarchy has, over 2000 years, arrogantly decided that its decisions are perfect and cannot be questioned. Look what that has caused.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Donnelly not with us

I know that Sen. Joe Donnelly likes to be called “Indiana Joe.” But is he? Look at his voting record.

Donnelly didn't vote for the tax bill; he voted with Chuck Schumer and the other Democrats. I think he is an obstructionist and a puppet, not a senator for Indiana working folks and business owners.

Let's think as the midterm elections are coming: Do we need someone who says one thing and votes another? Vote no on Donnelly.

Kenneth Krauter

Fort Wayne

 Thoughtful gesture

I would like to thank the person who paid for my breakfast Aug. 19 at Cracker Barrel.

It made my day a lot brighter.

B.A. Schuhler

Fort Wayne