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Saturday, September 08, 2018 1:00 am


Red River deserves break

Like many pre-90's millennials, I was fortunate to live at home until I graduated from college in 2009 and left. After nine years, six cities and one marriage, a move back home to Fort Wayne felt right. With all of the exciting things happening locally, the trash pickup seems to have everyone a bit stirred up. But why? I've spent many sleepless nights wondering about this and also trying to figure out why folks are taking it so personally.

We need to give Red River Waste Solutions employees a break from the headlines for a few weeks. They already think we hate them, so why would they try to improve if we rip them apart every morning?

Red River employees deserve a shot at redemption, but that will not happen with a daily front-page story on how poorly they are performing. Make this pledge with me.

Have we learned anything from all of this? It might be too early to tell, but I do know that it will not improve if we continue to trash the trash haulers.

Kyle Doehla

Fort Wayne

Fond reminiscence

I enjoyed Paul Helmke's piece on Indiana University in the late '60s (“Echoes over decades,” Aug. 26). I attended the same years that he wrote about. It was a tumultuous time. It keeps today's news in perspective. Every era has its issues.

Thomas Wenzel


McCain 'true patriot'

I am a lifelong Democrat and will never apologize for it. Rest in peace, John McCain. His service to our country is greatly appreciated by us all, no matter our political affiliation.  This brave man served our country and didn't stay here safe and sound with the help of his daddy's money and “bone spurs.” McCain was a true patriot.

Cheryl Janeway

New Haven

Unchristian support

I recently heard that more than 90 percent of Republicans agree with Donald Trump's policies.

If asked, I'm sure most would say they are Christians. I don't know what denomination of Christian would agree with Trump's policies, such as tearing children away from parents who legally crossed the border to ask for amnesty. Or being caught on tape bragging about molesting women, and paying off women he is alleged to have committed adultery with. Plus being a racist.

I wonder how far they're willing to bend to keep somebody like that in the White House. He's making the U.S. look like a joke to the rest of the world.

Tony Rumpel

Fort Wayne

A variety of views

The Journal Gazette often has an editorial cartoon with absolutely no political bias. In the past few weeks, there have been letters concerning the campaigns of Courtney Tritch and Jim Banks. The letters have provided intellectual nourishment by presenting readers with wide-ranging viewpoints. Even when I disagree with a writer, I usually come away with new information to mull over and digest. Besides political letters, the JG prints letters on a wide variety of topics.

I feel conservative viewpoints are vital but they read like boilerplate – same ol', same ol', “nothing to see here, move along” accounts. I continue to at least skim News-Sentinel oped pieces because I value alternative perspectives and I appreciate the inclusion of conservative viewpoints in the Journal.

Keep up the good work, Journal Gazette. I want to remain involved and learn about all issues facing our community and country. Being old school, I still prefer newsprint to an iPad.

Patricia G. Stahlhut

Fort Wayne