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Monday, October 08, 2018 1:00 am


Duff will uphold standards for FWCS

Anne Duff, currently serving as board secretary, is seeking a second term as a member at large of the Fort Wayne Community Schools board.

I have watched Anne competently represent and advocate for FWCS for the past several years. As a parent of three children in FWCS, a former teacher and PTA president, Anne will continue to represent the hopes and concerns of families as well as using her perspective of serving on the board. A staunch supporter of public education, Anne advocates for students, teachers and staff. She is concerned about fully funding public education so all children have the opportunity to have a quality education. She wants to continue to work with the board and the state to ensure that testing is appropriate and reasonable in cost and time needed to administer.

Returning Anne Duff as a member at large for the FWCS board will serve our community well. Anne has the experience, passion, intelligence and commitment to continue the quality we expect from our FWCS.

Lucy Hess

Fort Wayne

Superintendent unwilling to work hard for kids

I was the least surprised person to hear that State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick would not be running again in 2020. In the time I got to know her, she struck me as all talk.

Her pleading refrain throughout the campaign was “We need leadership.” What kind of leader turns tail and runs when things get tough? By her own words, “the governance structure in Indiana is not healthy and makes it hard to focus on helping kids.” How did she think things were run? You help kids by holding government officials accountable for budgeting decisions, working with local school boards who aren't disbursing money appropriately and focusing on getting the federal government out of our schools.

McCormick also said the discussion about the superintendent's position becoming an appointed one in 2020 is distracting her. If you are allowing politics to distract you, you aren't doing your job.

Establishing and embracing relationships with lawmakers and appointed members of the State Board of Education is crucial to achieving any notable change in education in Indiana. As I campaigned in 2016, I took meetings with several lawmakers, always in the spirit of what we could accomplish together if I were elected.

If McCormick finds the job too difficult to manage, I would happily step in to relieve her. I don't say that lightly. I was ready to take on this position, work with lawmakers, work with the State Board of Education, the governor's office, and local school boards to make substantive changes in education. If I sound angry, well, it's because I am. We have a lame duck in charge of education in Indiana - and that is frightening. People should be angry!

I respectfully request that Gov. Eric Holcomb accept McCormick's resignation and appoint someone who is not afraid to step up and do the work.

Dawn M. Wooten

Fort Wayne

Trooper's act of kindness greatly appreciated

We would like to profusely thank the state police officer who stopped and changed the tire on my wife's car on Sept. 27 in front of Tuthill Valve.

Somehow a 3-inch ratchet extension punctured the tire in the sidewall area, where it is impossible to fix. The tool was found inside the tire when the old one was taken off the rim.

We did not get your name, but you know who you are and the good deed you did. Again, thank you for your kindness.


Fort Wayne


Letter deadline

Letters regarding the Nov. 6 election must be received by noon on Oct. 29 to be considered for publication. 


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