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Friday, March 08, 2019 1:00 am


Medical training will aid Crawford as mayor

Dr. John Crawford is the quintessential public servant. He has done much for many people as both a city councilman and a doctor, and he deserves your vote for mayor in the May 7 Republican primary election.

Crawford is more qualified than his opponent to lead the charge against the frightening opioid crisis that has permeated our citizenry. Crawford is in a position to use his expertise as a doctor to increase the availability of effective treatment programs and make rehabilitation options more widely available to those in need.

Crawford is not afraid of standing up for what he believes to be right, and that quality can be hard to find among elected officials. Without Crawford, restaurants, public businesses and bars would still be the dangerous, smoke-filled rooms they once were.

Your vote in the primary election is vital in selecting who will represent us on the ballot in the general election in November. If you haven't yet decided to vote, please do. There will likely be a low voter turnout, which means your vote is more important than ever. And if you haven't chosen a candidate for mayor, please consider casting your vote for Dr. John Crawford. He's a good man who will lead our city into the future.

Nick Metel

Fort Wayne

Councilman's bombast unwelcome display

I saw footage of a recent City Council meeting discussing the creation of a Gen. Anthony Wayne Day and was incensed by Jason Arp's comments toward Glynn Hines and other opponents. He painted them as unpatriotic and indifferent toward American history, when Hines' comments were in consideration of actual history – not the victor's version. It made me wonder if this ridiculous sort of derision is always part of council meetings. If so, I hope it is largely ineffective and should not be tolerated. As Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Kathy Foreman

Fort Wayne

Trump's true feelings evident in statements

Jim Johnson's “evidence” of Donald Trump's innocence regarding racism (Letters, Feb. 28) falls a bit short of the term “evidence.”

He states that under Trump, unemployment for African-Americans is low. But unemployment for everyone is at record lows because, in spite of Trump's misguided tariffs, almost anyone who wants to work can. Does Johnson understand there is little a president can do about employment?

Trump's Cabinet has mostly reflected misbehaving billionaires, not blacks, Asians or Hispanics. Our new pick for UN ambassador donated millions to Trump's election. His head of the Environmental Protection Agency has sued the EPA a dozen times. How does any of this show that Trump is not racist?

He has been sued for redlining in New York City. His approval rating among African-Americans is almost non-existent. His resorts and golf clubs were recently accused of bringing in undocumented workers, something he doesn't want farmers to be able to do to get crops out of orchards and fields. He reportedly told his former attorney that blacks were too stupid to vote for him.

Anti-semitism is not the same as racism. The fact that he wants to keep out people of “s------e countries” with a wall that the people who actually do guard our borders say won't work has racism written all over it.

The evidence is out there for all to see, but only if they will see it. Johnson's evidence doesn't hold up.

Roger Blansit


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