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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 1:00 am


Passionate leader receives fitting tribute

Thanks to Karen Francisco for the moving op-ed tribute (“A Lifelong Teacher,” March 21) she wrote in honor of Phyllis Bush, our public schools advocate. Phyllis founded Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education and led members with untiring devotion to save public education. We will continue to don our green shirts and “fight the good fight,” but we will miss Phyllis' passionate guidance and encouragement.

Kathy Candioto

NEIFPE member


Stith deserves full credit as museum's founder

Hana L. Stith is my mother. First of all, I would like to thank The Journal Gazette for all the wonderful articles printed about my mom recently and over the years. She worked hard and tirelessly for Fort Wayne, and I am glad to see that she is appreciated.

I do, however, need to set the record straight on the founding of the African African American Historical Society Museum. My mother was not a “co-founder” of the museum, she was the founder. The museum was her dream alone for many, many years before it came to fruition. Of the artifacts in the museum, 98 percent were personally collected by her, 1 percent was donated and the other 1 percent was purchased by me.

My mom picked the location for the museum and my father, Harold Stith, renovated the building.

My mother and I created many of the displays and, eventually, the museum staff also helped her.

The members of the board who stole the museum from my mother were not there in the beginning and didn't know its history and true beginnings. Instead of asking my mom about it, they decided to make up their own version of the beginnings of the museum.

I wanted my mother to clear this “founder” thing up while she was alive, but she always told me it didn't matter to her. Well, it definitely matters to me.

The museum was/is my mother's legacy and it was her baby – completely and totally. Nobody else gave birth to the museum.

Hana L. Stith is/was the sole founder of the African African American Historical Society Museum. Let it be so noted from this point on.

Robin S. Stith

Columbus, Ohio

Indiana Tech, Illinois Road draw reader's interest

Almost every day, the Sports section has articles praising Indiana Tech's athletic achievements. I am curious how the former law school students and education majors view these.

Also, every day I exit the Shorewood neighborhood multiple times onto Illinois Road at the stoplight. I see continual running of the red light on Illinois Road – not entering on yellow but going through on red. This reminds me that a year or so ago, my wife and I almost were killed by a truck not following the traffic law.

The speed limit on Illinois is 45 mph. I have seen cars and trucks zooming down the road at 60 to 70 mph.

If the city wants to stop all this and raise revenue, install cameras or increase police patrols. There would be an abundance of tickets.

Bruce Novak

Fort Wayne



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