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Saturday, April 27, 2019 1:00 am


Public's help is vital in ending teachers' plight

In 1996, I became a part of a profession that I felt was admirable and respected, but lately, that feeling has rapidly deteriorated. I am a teacher.

I love what I do. I have had kids leave my class and become upstanding community members. I have taught children who are in every profession out there. I am a teacher and, lately, I am depleted.

Indiana legislators are working hard to dismantle public education. We have had evaluations thrust upon us that judge standardized test results. Our contract negotiations are so strict that our rights are virtually gone. We have seen a 16% decrease in salary due to inflation increase, making Indiana last in salary to inflation increase in the nation. Many teachers are working two jobs to make ends meet.

Most legislators in my area have voted against public education by restricting our funding, limiting our ability to protect classroom conditions and funding private schools through vouchers. They aren't listening to teachers, administrators and superintendents anymore.

We need you to help support teachers. If you believe we are doing what we need to do to get your child ready for life after graduation, help us.

Vote for legislators who defend public education. Contact your legislators and ask them to support public education. Wear red on Wednesdays and announce on social media why. Encourage people to get involved. That is all we ask for.

Like many of my friends, I am a teacher. I love my job. I am good at it. I am tired of being targeted. I am tired of being depleted and insulted because I am a public education teacher. Something needs done to make a change. Please, help us.

Jennifer Wells


A day brightener

Thank you for all the pictures of children enjoying an activity that brings a smile and apparent happiness to them.

These pictures make my day a better one.

Nancy Wright


Smith keenly attuned to seniors' concerns

More and more now, I'm beginning to feel there really is not a lot of difference – at the local and state levels – between Indiana Republicans and Democrats. Most seem only too willing to raise our taxes. (Have you ever met a politician who did not feel he had great reasons for wanting to raise our taxes?)

Nobody will deny a need for a certain level of taxation. But where and when does it end? When is enough really enough? And it directly affects those least able to absorb all these nickel/dime increases. (Now Allen County is looking for higher taxes to fix bridges and roads.)

A few notable exceptions include Councilman Paul Ensley, along with Republican mayoral candidate Tim Smith. Smith has gone out of his way to visit and respond to my growing concerns over a lack of recognition to the suffering being imposed on Hoosier senior citizens and those living on fixed incomes by the never-ending efforts to raise our taxes.

Smith has gone so far as to mention that he too is concerned because his own elderly parents are included in that demographic. Meanwhile, no other Republican will even bother to respond. 

Does Social Security keep pace with all these extra taxation nickels and dimes? Hardly. What is needed is some additional level of taxation circuit-breakers or tax relief that helps mitigate the added taxes upon seniors. But it will never happen until our local and state politicians even bother to recognize a problem exists for Hoosier seniors.

Smith also is proud to announce that he is pro-life. One wonders why John Crawford won't even answer whether he is pro-life or pro-choice.

We should keep this all in mind in our primary voting.

J.G. Parson

Fort Wayne

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