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Monday, May 20, 2019 1:00 am


Food drive showed community's support

Associated Churches would like to thank all those who  supported the National Association of Letter Carriers' “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive this year. We feel your support and love, Fort Wayne, and it feels great!

Organizations such as Healthier Moms and Babies and Fort Wayne Community Schools have contributed by having food drives, while the United Way and local labor unions donated money. This day would not be possible without the letter carriers and volunteers who helped pick up food donations at mailboxes all over the city. Also, a big thanks to Pizza Hut for feeding all the volunteers across the city that day. The community really came together to care for others in need.

Thank you for everyone's support and donations that helped us collect hundreds of thousands of pounds of food.

Roger Reece

Associated Churches

Lawmakers leave teachers disrespected – again

To be or not to be ... angry?

In the last General Assembly session, House Enrolled Act 1002 was passed. It states that 15 hours of professional growth experience will be required for renewal of a license to be a teacher. This can come one of three ways, but can be shortened to two methods – an externship at a business or professional development partnered with a business to highlight the needs of the community.

Most teachers, including me, love our job. However, like most teachers, I have other jobs in the summer to supplement my income to make ends meet. It is the complete lack of comprehension, trust and value of us as people, let alone our jobs, for this measure to be passed. When are we supposed to do this? In the summer when we are working on next year's material? Or do we take winter or spring break to do that as well and tell our families, “Sorry, mom/dad has to go do stuff for work instead of being a family member.”

I would like to hear from a legislator to give me an example of another profession that makes its employees seek other professions/professionals to shadow for their own job – to supposedly make them better at it. I will even go one step further and invite each and every state legislator to come and have an externship with a teacher for a week, but keep in mind it has to be on your own time, not when you're supposed to be working. By your own ideas, that should make you better at your job, right?

It makes me extremely upset to see our profession disrespected in this manner.

On the other hand, thank you for giving me a chance to seek out other professions that are respected by lawmakers much more than teaching. Maybe this is a way for all of us teachers to take a stand against legislators so they respect us more. What would happen if we all found a different job that treated us with more respect than politicians do? We already have a teacher shortage, do they also want a mass exodus of teachers as well? They sure are making it easier and tempting to leave/retire.

So again, I ask – to be or not to be...angry?

Greg Bierbaum

Fort Wayne

More rights for geese?

I just attended our annual neighborhood association meeting. The topic of goose control and the oiling of goose eggs so they don't hatch was discussed.

We learned that only four goslings have been sighted, which means we are somewhat successful in our endeavor to reduce the flock that inhabits our lakes.

It seems it is illegal to kill them after the eggs hatch and is punishable by law.

It seems some of our newborn human babies have fewer rights than the geese.

Michael Findley

Fort Wayne 

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